Marvel Fan Captures Perfect X-Men Moment on Twitter

Twitter can often be a cesspool of negativity and hostility (okay, it's like that pretty much all the time...), but there are rare occasions where the social media platform offers up moments of pure perfection - and today is one of those cases. One Marvel fan's timeline was fortunate to stack two tweets from famous names connected to the X-Men franchise, turning a moment of pure coincidence into a meme-worthy snapshot that is quickly going viral. It's an especially sweet bit of humor for diehard fans of X-Men lore, as the likes and retweets confirm.

Check out what happened when Marvel/DC comic book writer Gail Simone (Deadpool, Birds of Prey) happened to drop a dark little X-Men joke, just when Game of Thrones / X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner also happened to be feeling some kind of way:

So just to be clear: this Twitter user (@FlyingGraceSon - aces name, by the way...) just so happens to follow Gail Simone and Sophie Turner, and Simone and Turner just so happened to tweet within a 2 minute proximity of one another, creating the visual impression of Turner reacting to Simone's dark joke regarding the love life of X-Men's Cyclops ("Cyclops loves wilted roses because they remind him of dead redheads.").

Simone is of course referencing X-Men predilection for making Cyclops watch redheaded women he loves, die. Jean Grey and her clone Madeline Pryor, and Jean's Phoenix counterpart, have all died in X-Men comics, before Cyclops broke the cycle by getting wise and switching to blondes (Emma Frost). Sophie Turner played out the classic arc of Jean becoming the all-powerful Dark Phoenix and ultimately losing her life, in the final 20th Century Fox X-Men film, Dark Phoenix. So again, the Twitter timeline coincidence is a great ironic joke when taken from Turner's perspective.


As for Cyclops? Well, Gail Simone may need to update her joke book. After Marvel's House of X event, the rebooted X-Men continuity sees Scott and Jean living a much more romantically progressive life, as they seem to be openly polyamarous with Wolverine, Emma Frost, and who knows who else. Combined with the X-Men's new immortality protocols, Cyclops won't be triggered by dead roses for that much longer.

Marvel's House of X is now done, and the X-Men line is being relaunched in the current "Dawn of X" event.