Marvel's Marauders Reveals First Human Nation to Oppose the X-Men's Mutant Liberation

When Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Moira MacTaggert decided to flip the world on its head and create their own space for mutant ascendancy on the planet, they understood that the superpowers across the globe would be resistant. Some nations kowtowed to their demands of sovereignty, while others turned their backs in indignation, preferring the status quo. But House of X established that no other country actively treated the mutants with hostility. But that fragile peace would not last, as established in the first issue of the X-Men spinoff comic Marauders.

The easiest way to travel to the island of Krakoa is through the gateways planted throughout the world, portals that instantaneously transport people when they walk through them. The X-Men made sure to plant the gateways in various accessible locations throughout the world, without fear of repercussion knowing that only mutants can pass through.

Iceman notices that one gateway on Krakoa has not been active since it erupted onto the island, and when he transports through he realizes that the Russian military has erupted barriers surrounding the gate and preventing anyone from accessing it. A soldier enhanced with a mechanical suit immediately shoots Iceman with a power dampener, causing him to retreat.

The Russian military declares that they do not recognize Krakoan diplomacy and that mutants are little more than assets to be utilized by the government. Some mutants are kept in holding cells near the site of the gateway, imprisoned for attempting to flee the country.

This causes new Red Queen of the Hellfire Club and pirate captain Kate Pryde to assemble a crew that includes Storm, Iceman, Lockheed, and Pyro in order to liberate these mutants and deliver them safely to the Krakoan gateway. After sailing to the site, Storm and Iceman are quickly hit with the power dampener — but Kate uses her phasing skills to take the enhanced Russian enforcer out of commission.

She then brutally beats the crap out of a few soldiers, breaking more than a few bones in the process, while Pyro keeps the Russian forces at bay with the help of Lockheed's dragonfire.


They then liberate the mutant prisoners and guide them through the gate before returning to their ship, deciding that this is just the first step in many other missions that will help the mutant population around the globe. And thus, the Marauders were born.

Marauders #1 by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit is now on sale in stores and online.