Miles Teller Would Do Another Fantastic Four Movie

It’s almost like deja vu. With Suicide Squad sitting pretty in theaters, fans can’t help but [...]


It's almost like deja vu. With Suicide Squad sitting pretty in theaters, fans can't help but compare the blockbuster's influx of critical reviews to those earned by Fantastic Four last year. The superhero flick had promised to show fans a dark, gritty portrayal of Marvel's first family - but the project tanked hard with fans, critics, and the all-mighty box office. But, despite all of that, Miles Teller still says he would return for another Fantastic Four film.

The actor recently spoke with Eric Walkuski about his newest film War Dogs, and the pair's conversation eventually shifted towards Fantastic Four. When asked whether he'd return for a sequel, Teller surprisingly said yes.

"Yeah, for sure," he answered. "I loved the cast, I loved the characters. I think it's such an interesting dynamic. I love how much they really need to rely on each other. This Avengers thing, they've kind of created their own Fantastic Four in a way, Marvel's first family. Their powers can't just exist on their own, you need Thor to do this, the Hulk to do his thing. So yeah, absolutely, I would do another one."

And, when it comes to the film's lackluster reception, Teller stressed he didn't feel too burned by the backlash. Instead, the actor spoke of how he always let his gut decide which roles or scripts he undertook.

Teller explained, "Obviously you learn more as you go on; for me I've really enjoyed the fact that I've been able to work in pretty much every genre. There's a lot of different factors you're going to take into account. I think script is super important, and director. The director is going to be the most powerful person in terms of what that final product is. But shit, Whiplash was Damian's first feature, who would have known? I did that because of the script."

"I think certain things you can get sort of disenfranchised with a little bit. But I wouldn't change anything. I can honestly say I've never just done something for money; I'd be really embarrassed for something like that to come out, that I had no attachment to the character, no attachment to the script. It takes a while before you're only working with the best directors, nobody's career is flawless," he continued.

Unfortunately, Teller and the rest of Fantastic Four's crew found themselves at odds with the project's director and even Fox themselves. Famously, Josh Trank based the film shortly after its debut, telling disgruntled fans he had shot an amazing version of Fantastic Four that no one would ever see. While the director has since scrubbed over those claims, the damage his words caused was irreparable. Media caught wind of the feud and used it to turn the superhero film into a much-derided endeavor.

But Teller has hopes the franchise could be done correctly if the right people were all on-board. So, what do you guys think? Would you be interested to see Teller return to the big screen as Mr. Fantastic?

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