Ming-Na Wen Reveals 'Agents Of SHIELD' Cast And Crew Onesies Halloween Costumes

Fans are having to wait a while before Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's sixth season, but they can take in the adorable costumes of the show's cast and crew while they wait.

Ming-Na Wen, who plays the ever lethal Melinda May on the show, took to social media to share new photos from the set. These weren't from a scene or anything though. Instead, these photos showcased the cast and crew's Halloween celebration on the set, as several of the cast and crew wore fun onesies, including Wen, who wore a Panda-themed onesie.

In one photo she's joined by a pink Care Bear, while in another photo they are joined by a full Ren and Stimpy onesie, a hungry Shark onesie, and a Jack Skellington onesie (from Nightmare Before Christmas). The third photo shows them joined by what appears to be a monster onesie and a Cookie Monster onesie, joined by a construction worker, complete with hard hat. The last photo brings in someone with a Chewbacca onesie to complete the amazing event, and you can check out all the photos in the post below.

"From the set of @AgentsofSHIELD, The Agents of ONESIES hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!! 🎃🎃🎃👻👻👻 🐼🐼#pandaming❤️"

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD was renewed for a sixth season, though it will differ a bit from past seasons. For starters, the season isn't debuting until the summer of 2019 as opposed to the normal fall season which it occupied in the past. The show didn't get renewed for a full 22 episode order either, renewed for 13 episodes only. ABC could renew it for additional episodes or just go with a similarly small season 7, but that remains to be seen.

Showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen weren't sure that the show would be renewed, so they wrote the season 5 finale as the series finale in case it didn't.

“We’ll never end something without the potential for more story,” Tancharoen said. “That’s how we’ve ended every season because, whenever we’ve come to the end of all the seasons past, we go into that mostly not knowing until the very last minute, so we’re basically doing the same thing to close out Season 5. It can fit well as a possible series finale, and it can fit well as just another season’s end.”


Whedon added, "You always want to leave the idea that there’s more stories, it’s a question of whether or not we will tell them. We have our end, and we’ll stick to it regardless, and we think it’ll work either way.”

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns next year.