Marvel Gives Namor a Silver Surfer Costume

When the House of Ideas previously announced their "Marvel Legacy" initiative, it was a means to reintroduce characters and teams from the earliest days of Marvel. In addition to introducing legacy number throughout their major titles, the publisher also announced they'd be bringing back the original Defenders for a series of one-shots.

Each of the original Defenders — Dr. Strange, Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer — each got their own issue before the quartet joined together in this week's Defenders: The Best Defense. Needless to say, the inter-dimensional adventure saw one of the Defenders get a new costume.

WARNING: Spoilers up ahead for Defenders: The Best Defense #1 from Al Ewing and Joe Bennett. If you have yet to read the one-shot team-up, proceed with caution.

Defenders: The Best Defense #1 finds the four heroes reunited to try taking down Nebulon and an inter-dimensional train of destruction as it barrels straight towards Earth. As the future Dr. Strange is hanging on to what remaining "juice" his astral form has left, he uses the last of his powers to teleport the group right into the middle of the train — made up of cosmic energy and space debris — so that they can try taking down Nebulon once and for all.

d.In the midst of their fight, Namor is thrown out of the train by Nebulon. Trying to save him from perishing among the cosmos, the Hulk — in a moment of desperation — takes Silver Surfer and throws him towards Namor. Not having his board, the Surfer improvises and ultimately realizes he can use himself as the board.

Silver Surfer uses the power cosmic to act as his own surfboard and he's able to rescue Namor, who hops on his back. The moment Namor hops on Silver Surfer's back, the silver and chrome alloys that cover the later started to form a protective shell around the Sub-Mariner.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As the protective shell aims to protect Namor from the elements of space, he's momentarily transformed into an Atlantean version of the Silver Surfer. The two then race towards the planet Vodan, which is currently under Atlantean rule. Though the Vodan queen dies, the duo are largely able to save the majority of planet and, in turn, Earth from the destruction of Nebulon and the cosmic train.


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All five issues of The Best Defense are now available.