Police Respond to Call About Multiple Gunmen at Stan Lee's Home

Two Gunmen Arrested Outside Stan Lee's Home (2018)

The bizarre (if not sinister) circumstances of Stan Lee life continue to get even stranger, with a new report of police "swarming" Stan Lee's Hollywood home, after getting calls that two gunmen were spotted on the premises.

Daily Mail reports that the multiple police units and a helicopter all rushed to Lee's home in the Hollywood Hills, and ended up detaining two suspected gunmen outside Lee's home, at around 7:30pm on Thursday night. Lee was reportedly home at the time, and it's being reported that the gunmen were interested in obtaining money that they claimed Lee owed them. Police also learned that the gunmen had visited the property on Wednesday, as well.

The LAPD gave the following statement on the matter:

"Officers were called to a property on the 9100 block of Oriole Way at 7.30pm after reports of an assault. It was claimed that a suspect had a gun and was threatening.

'Officers detained two individuals that matched the description and an investigation is ongoing. Three units are still on scene including officers and detectives."

Daily Mail got additional information from an unnamed source, who stated:

"There was two guys standing outside demanding money, they were shouting... There was a confrontation with Stan in front of his house, but Stan doesn't know either of them. One guy was saying "I want my money". 'But when everyone realized the men had guns everyone retreated inside. Stan's lawyer, business partner and a nurse were with him at the house. At some point the men took out their guns and were pointing them around so the police were called.

It was crazy, the cops had their guns drawn and there were spotlights from two police helicopters, it was very scary and pretty intense. The cops said, "Put your hands up", so the guys got on their knees and on the floor, they were handcuffed and they were put in the car."

The source identified one black and one white suspect as the assailants, who reportedly tossed their guns before police arrived on the scene. It's not clear yet if any actual arrests have been made. This marks the third time (that we know of) in which police have had to respond to calls at Lee's home this year; and intruder jumped the fence back in April, and in February they investigated reports of Lee being the victim of elder abuse in his own home.

All of this feeds back into a continuing story that points to Stan Lee being very much in some kind of difficulty or peril with keeping control of his own estate and wealth. The deep-dive report on the Marvel icon's alleged elder abuse pointed to a cabal consisting of his daughter and business partners attempting to wrestle control of Lee's money. Lee has not only denied such a plot is happening, but threatened to sue outlets reporting the scandal.

Meanwhile, on the business side, Lee has just recently sued his former company POW! Entertainment for $1 billion dollars, for allegedly attempting to swindle of rights to his own name, image, and likeness - which came to a public head with the bizarre back and forth over control of Lee's Twitter account, and an alleged impostor using it in imitation of Lee.


Somewhere even deeper than all of this, is the fact that Lee is also been hit with multiple accusations of sexual misconduct in the last year, from two different sets of women working for him in some kind of health care capacity.

As always, we'll be keeping you up to date on how these threads develop, in what is overall a sad and slow decline for the godfather of a Marvel brand that now sits as king of entertainment.