How She-Hulk's Latest Episodes Sets Up Marvel's Blade Reboot

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has had its fair share of cameos from Wong (Benedict Wong) to Abomination (Tim Roth) and before long, Charlie Cox's Daredevil. The latest episode of the sitcom had another surprising cameo in David Pasquesi's Mister Immortal. A vastly different version of the Great Lakes Avenger seen in the Marvel source material, Pasquesi's character revealed that at one point, he was married to a character named Baroness Lily Cromwell.

As it turns out, Cromwell isn't just any ordinary namedrop. No, the character has a deep history in the comic books and can even be on her way to the MCU herself through Blade.

Who is Lily Cromwell?

In short, Cromwell is known as the villain Baroness Blood. She initially appeared in a Union Jack comic opposite John Falsworth. Most importantly? She's a vampire. Most recently, she joined the ranks of the Legion of the Unliving alongside other vampiric characters like Snowsnake, Xarus, and Carpathian. Coincidentally enough, it's been speculated Olivia Colman's character in Secret Invasion has Falsworth has a last name.

Is Baroness Blood in Blade?

As it stands now, that exact proposition is the million-dollar question. We know Blade will start filming in just a matter of weeks, but little else outside that has been unveiled. Blade (Mahershala Ali) himself is a half-vampire and has lived his entire life hunting vampires down. Because of that, it stands to reason the iconic horror characters will be involved in the feature. It's just unclear if the Big Bad, if you will, will be a character like Dracula, Baroness Blood, or someone comparable.

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