Tom Holland Says Spider-Man Movies Will Get “Bigger and Better” With New Character Crossovers

Despite Sony’s divorce from Disney-owned Marvel Studios, star Tom Holland says future Spider-Man [...]

Despite Sony's divorce from Disney-owned Marvel Studios, star Tom Holland says future Spider-Man movies are "only going to get bigger and better" after Spider-Man: Far From Home.

"It's really exciting, the ideas we have for how we can expand the Spider-Man world and bring new characters into it, and crossover with other people, it's really exciting," Holland said at Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia. "And it's only going to get bigger and better from here, which is great."

Holland also confirmed at the convention he's not yet turning in his webs despite saying in 2017 he wouldn't give up his "ticket" in Disney's interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Spider-Man was for the first time knighted as a member of the Avengers.

"You know, I'd love to make a movie with Tom Hardy, and if we ever got the chance to make a Venom movie together, that would be super cool," Holland said in the 2017 interview when asked about the then-upcoming Venom, set outside the MCU in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. "But his movie would have to take place in the MCU because I'm not giving up that ticket."

But Sony — once rumored to "desperately" want a pairing between Holland's Spidey and Hardy's Venom in the Far From Home sequel — may get their wish: if a new deal isn't reached, Disney-Marvel will no longer have a stake in Spider-Man on the big screen and the character will be dropped from the MCU.

Sony possesses the movie rights to roughly 900 Marvel Comics characters and is now in various stages of planning on numerous Spidey spinoffs, including Morbius, Kraven the Hunter and Black Cat. Whatever characters are planned for Spider-Man 3, Holland said the next movie will be "something very different."

"There's definitely more to come," Holland said. "We sat down with some of our creatives. We pitched Spider-Man 3, which is going to be something very special, it's going to be something very different. I'm just so grateful that Marvel changed my life and allowed my dreams to come true and Sony allowing me to continue living my dream. It's a crazy week and it's never been done before so we'll see how it goes, and it'll be as amazing and as fun."