Stan Lee's Team Reportedly Suspects Inside Job Over $300,000 Bank Account Theft

Stan Lee's team suspects that a $300,000 theft from the legendary Marvel Comics author's bank account may have been an inside job according to a new report.

As reported previously, just one day after celebrating his 95th birthday, Lee made claims that $300,000 was stolen from his bank account with an alleged fraudulent check. The Blast reported at the time that the Beverly Hills Police Department was investigating the check, drafted on October 4 and noted for a "loan" by the memo paid to Lee's Hands of Respect charity. The signature on the check is alleged to have been forged.

Now a new report from The Blast says that Lee's team suspects that the theft may have been an inside job. According to the report, there is a limited number of people with access to Lee's checkbook and the number of people at the charity who might benefit from a deposit of $300,000 is even more limited. The report also indicates that The Blast had reached out to the charity's executive director by phone, but was hung up on.

Lee, the visionary co-creator behind iconic Marvel Comics characters such as Spider-Man, the Avengers, Iron Man, the X-Men, and the Hulk, is reportedly "adamant" that he didn't write the check in question or request funds be taken from his bank account. An investigation by the BHPD will involve the collection of bank records and search warrants, likely leading to the questioning of anyone with access to both Lee's checks and his charity's financials.

The report of the alleged theft came just a day after Lee turned 95 on December 28. The creator's birthday inspired an outpouring of well wishes and birthday greetings from fans, Marvel Cinematic Universe stars, and top comic book creators alike. And the former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief influence and inspiration continues as Lee enters his 95th year. Lee has famously had a cameo in every Marvel Studios production and will next appear in three Marvel Cinematic Universe films in 2018: Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp.