'The Gifted' Season 1 Episode 9: "outfoX" Recap With Spoilers

Flashback to a Strucker family trip to a park for a cookout. Its been a while since they've done this and Reed apologizes to Caitlin for being so caught up with work. Caitlin notes that Lauren has been distant lately, but assumes its normal teenager behavior.

Andy convinces Caitlin to try a skateboarding trick. She nearly falls over, but Andy grabs by the hand. Their palms glow and they release force until they let go. They don't mention it again.

In the present day, Reed thinks back to when his father left his family, back when he was sick from his father's "cure" for being a mutant. Caitlin finds him and talks about how tense their relationships with their parents could be and how much regret that could lead to.

Caitlin asks about Reed's inherited mutation. She believed being a mutant was random. Reed says it mostly is, but it can also be inherited. She wonders why Reed's not a mutant then and Reed tells her about Otto's work at Trask Industries. She wonders how she never knew, and Reed tells her that for years he and his mother believed he had leukemia.

Esme is desperately trying to convince the Mutant Underground leadership to mount a raid on Trask Industries based on what she saw in Chloe's mind. She says that they are the last hope for the prisoners there.

Thunderbird talks it over with Dreamer. He still blames himself for what happened to Pulse. Dreamer is suspicious about how Esme knew about Pulse, but Thunderbird just chalks it up to her being a telepath.

Andy and Lauren get up in the middle of the night and do some research on Fenris. They discover how destructive the twins' powers were. Apparently, Fenris disappeared after a time.

Polaris dreams about hearing a child cry in a prison. She sees Blink, Thunderbird, and Eclipse in the prison. The nightmare causes her powers to activate in her sleep, moving objects around in her and Eclipse's bedroom. She wakes up screaming when she sees her baby. Esme is listening outside the door.

Jace Turner checks on Campbell, who was badly burned in the encounter with the Struckers. Turner is convinced that the Mutant Underground will mount an attack on Campbell's lab. He wants to prepare without drawing attention from Washington.

The Mutant Underground hatches a plan to infiltrate Trask Industries. Sage finds a bar where Trask employees like to go. Dreamer and Polaris decide to go there and try to obtain information.

Caitlin wonders how different things would have been if Lauren had told them she was a mutant back when she first discovered she was. Reed tells Caitlin about Fenris and how Andy and Lauren have the same powers and may be just as destructive when they hold hands. Caitlin convinces Reed that they have to tell Reed and Andy about this.

Dreamer and Polaris flirt and talk up a Trask security guard at the bar. The guard goes on about how poorly mutant are treated until Polaris turns a spoon into brass knuckles and punches him out. Dreamer uses her powers to get the information they need from him.

Reed and Lauren tell the kids about what they believe they are capable of. They want to test out their powers in the hideout's vault to see if anything happens. Andy and Lauren hold hands. Nothing happens. Andy thinks they should try again, this time actually wanting something to happen. They do and their hands glow and their hair stands on end. Things begin to glow and shake until Reed pulls them apart. Lauren says the power they were activating could have brought the entire building down and killed everyone inside.

The Mutant Underground assess the information they received about Trask Industries security and it's a tough target. Blink can't get them out without knowing the inside of the place. Sage suggests a target where they can bring down the power, but they don't have enough firepower yet.

Andy and Lauren try to explain to their parents what they felt when they used their joint power. They felt like they were becoming one and could see out of the same eyes. With their powers combined, they felt like they could do whatever they wanted. Andy wants to practice using this power, but the rest of his family don't want to touch it. Reed notes that Andy can barely control his own powers and Andy leaves in a huff.

Lauren catches up with Andy. He believes they think he's a freak because he doesn't hate his powers. Lauren says she doesn't hate her powers, she's just frightened by how good they feel. They both remember the time at the park when Lauren fell off the skateboard. Andy wants to try again, but he's worried that means they'll be like Fenris.

Eclipse tries to talk to Polaris about the nightmares. She admits she's worried that the Mutant Underground isn't going to survive. Eclipse promises to protect her but Polaris doesn't know if he can keep that promise. Esme is listening in and then brings them an idea about how to knock out the security power. She suggests using the Struckers.

Jace talks to his wife. She isn't happy that he's thrown himself so fully into his work recently. Jace's number two called in some favors to make the investigation into Trask happen.

The Mutant Underground ask for the Strucker's help. They just want the kids to knock out the transformers. Everyone else is going in for combat. The Struckers agree, on the condition that Caitlin and Reed are the ones monitoring security.

The Mutant Underground arrives outside the laboratory. They scope out the area. Polaris tries to prepare Esme for what's coming. Esme reads Polaris' mind and sees the moment Eclipse was shot. She uses that information to get empathy from Polaris.

Thunderbird and Eclipse scope out the fence. They also take a moment to talk about Pulse.

The second team arrives at the power substation. Sage hacks them into the security feeds. Blink opens a portal for Dreamer, Andy, and Lauren to pass through.

Sentinel Services have found nothing unusual at Trask, but Jace picks up on what happened to the guard. He heads out to the power substation.

With the assistance of Reed and Caitlin on monitors, Blinks team moves through the substations. They encounter a guard, but Dreamer uses her powers on him to make him forget and walk away.

The team at the lab prepares to move in.

Caitlin and Reed see Jace's Sentinel Services team arrive and warns Dreamer.

Blink can't get the team out without risking driving them into a wall. Sentinel Services releases new and improved spider robots that Andy can't destroy. The robot catches Blink.


The lab goes on alert. Thunderbird can hear that they're headed to the substation. he aborts the mission and forcibly carries Esme away.

Dreamer gets caught by Sentinel Services. Andy and Lauren decide to try using their joined powers to get out. They hold hands and power up, but Andy pulls away. He realizes that they're in the basement and if they use their powers here everyone will die. They're surrounded by Sentinel Services and taken into custody.