'The Gifted' Season 1 Finale: “eXtraction/X-roads” Recap With Spoilers

Four years ago, Rory Campbell is taking care of his brother Jack, who is struggling with a [...]

Four years ago, Rory Campbell is taking care of his brother Jack, who is struggling with a terminal illness that affects his lung capacity. Campbell leaves to give a lecture about mutation at school. He says that mother nature is not their friend, and that humanity is just another species struggling for survival. He talks about how homo sapiens survived even though Neanderthals had stronger genes. Homo sapiens leveled the playing field with better communication and strategy. He says that's what's happening again now with humans facing mutants.

In the present day, Eclipse makes it clear that they've agreed to work with the Stepford Cuckoos out of necessity, but they do not trust each other. Campbell is going public with the Hound program at the Humanity Today summit. The Cuckoos want to grab Campbell from the event. Blink doesn't trust them, but they bring up her hidden, criminal past and her "old friends."

Thunderbird tells Reed and Caitlin that the Mutant Underground is heading to Charlotte to grab Campbell tomorrow. He asks Reed to look through his father's research for anything that could be useful.

Blink finds Thunderbird and tells him about him about her encounter with the Purifiers. After that, she ran with the Brotherhood for a while but left when they asked her to do things she didn't agree with. Thunderbird is angry that she didn't tell them about this earlier. Thunderbird wonders if Blink is really one of them.

Campbell calls a Mr. Wong. Wong has to tell Campbell that some of Otto Strucker's research is missing. Campbell insists he finds the missing research because it holds the key to wiping up the x-gene for good.

Polaris talks to Eclipse about working with the Frost sisters. She assures him that there's no way that the Frosts will come between the two of them. She asks Eclipse to do this for her, not for the Cuckoos.

Lauren finds Andy looking through the book about Fenris. He says the book was written by humans, and that it's biased. He says Fenris was trying to build a place for humans. Lauren doesn't see it that way. He's becoming disillusioned with the Mutant Underground and appreciates the Frosts treating him like an adult.

Campbell arrives at the site of the Humanity Today summit.

Fade makes it clear that he's not happy the Struckers have returned. He doesn't believe they're on the same side as the mutants.

Sage and Reed are still going through Otto's research. Sage has noticed that Campbell is searching as well, tracking down anyone who ever worked with Otto. They notice that the insurance company where Reed's mother works is on the list.

Andy and Lauren continue to debate what they should be doing. Andy wants to be more proactive, especially since the Hounds got Fenris tech from them. Reed and Caitlin collect the kids to go warn Reed's mom, Ellen.

The Frosts bring Polaris, Blink, Thunderbird, and Eclipse to a surprisingly nice safe house built with resources left by their faction's founders. Thunderbird assumes the Brotherhood. The Cuckoo implies he's right.

One of the Cuckoos tries to butter up Polaris. She lashes out using her powers, destroying a bed. The Cuckoo notices Polaris is getting stronger. She says she sees the power of Polaris' father in her.

The Struckers arrive at Ellen's work. Reed and Caitlin go inside to find Ellen, deflecting some unwanted attention from a worker in the office. They find Ellen and go to talk in her office.

Andy and Lauren are keeping a watch out front. They continue their philosophical argument.

Reed and Caitlin try to convince Ellen to leave with them, but she doesn't want to run away from her life. Reed tells her that these people killed his father.

Senator Montez meets with Dr. Campbell at the summit. Campbell wants to expand Trask's efforts. Montez agrees to hear Campbell's proposal.

The Mutant Underground is going to force an anti-mutant fundraiser type to help them get into the summit. One of the Cuckoos talks to Blink, insisting they have a lot in common. They see the fundraiser's car coming. They stop him and force him into their own vehicle.

Reed and Caitlin try to fill Ellen in on everything they learned about Otto. She's having a hard time taking it all in. Lauren and Andy call to tell them that Sentinel Services has arrived.

Andy and Lauren debate what they should be doing. Andy steps into sight. He uses his powers to send the Sentinel Services agents flying back. Lauren uses her powers to hold Andy back from hurting them any further. Andy turns to use his powers on Lauren. She uses her powers to protect herself. Their powers have a feedback effect and send both of them flying backward. The rest of the family come outside and they make their getaway.

Campbell shows Montez footage of the new Hounds in action. Montez is skeptical about how it will sell to voters, but Campbell is convincing.

The fundraiser is brought back to the Frosts' safehouse. They use their telepathy to force him to make a phone call changing his security detail.

The Frosts have provided nice security uniforms for Blink, Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird. Thunderbird is impressed with the resources at the Frosts' disposal and is considering signing up. Polaris and Blink discuss the Frosts' attempts to relate to them. Polaris mentions that the Frost sisters brought up her father. Blink tells her that DNA doesn't determine who you are.

The fundraiser trashes mutants, saying they don't deserve to breathe the same air as humans. They use their powers to convince him to stop breathing. Blink finds them and makes them stop.

The Struckers stop at a gas station. Ellen is still struggling to think of anything useful to tell them. She remembers a researcher Otto used to talk to. She was convinced he was having an affair. She met her once when she came to their house to see Reed. Her name was Madeline Risman.

Ellen says she can't go with the rest of them. She's too old and slow. She's not going home either though. She's going to be with a friend in Boca Raton. Lauren assures her grandmother that they're still the same people they were before they were mutants. She tells her that they're not; they're more now.

Senator Montez takes the podium at Humanity Today. The mutants get into the summit in the guise of security. Montez announces that he is going to introduce new, anti-mutant legislation, including funding for anti-mutant technology and security programs. Outside, Thunderbird apologizes for being too hard on Blink and tells her that she is one of them. She kisses him. Blink opens up a portal and she jumps through with Eclipse and Thunderbird while Polaris and the Frosts wait outside.

The Struckers return to base. Reed tells Sage about Risman. She begins to search for her. Caitlin asks the siblings about what happened outside the office. Caitlin says they need to stick together as a family. Andy says he seems to be the only one proud to be a von Strucker. He walks away. Lauren tells Caitlin that she's worried Andy has changed into someone else.

The Frosts dump the fundraiser near the trash outside the summit. The summit crowd steps outside. Polaris uses her powers to shut down their electronics. Inside, Thunderbird uses his powers to scout the building for Campbell. He finds several guards as well. They strike when Campbell walks out of an elevator. Eclipse uses his powers to blind Campbell and his guards. Thunderbird knocks the guards out. Campbell grabs a child as a hostage and gets away in another elevator. More guards arrive and open fire.

There's a flashback to Polaris in a hospital. She's using her powers to levitate a medallion. When a nurse asks about it, she says its just a gift she was given by someone her mother knew. A woman named Evangeline enters the room. She says she's a lawyer. Polaris was arrested during a Purifier counter-protest. She was put into therapy instead of jail because she's bipolar. Evangeline knows all about it. She's with the X-Men, who have disappeared but are setting up a network. They see something in Polaris. Evangeline shows her own mutant power, a kind of demonic form.

The mutants retreat. The Frosts are angry that they didn't use any means necessary to capture Campbell. The mutants take off in their vehicles, but police follow. Polaris uses her powers to drop a telephone pole in their path and pop a fire hydrant to cover it with water.

Campbell encourages Montez to leave now.

Sage and Shatter tell the Struckers what they know about the mission in Charlotte. Andy wants to go out and back them up, but they're too far away. Andy and Lauren start to bicker again. Andy gets angry and leaves the room.

Jace Turner arrives as Sentinel Services investigates what happened with the Struckers at the insurance agency. Turner uses a Fenris-Hound to track them.

The mutants arrive back at the safe house. The Frosts and the Mutant Underground argue about what happened.

Polaris thinks back about everything that's happened to her since the beginning of the season. She's beginning to believe they should be more aggressive. Eclipse is worried that she's having a bipolar episode, but she says that isn't it. She's worried that they're not building a better world for their child. Eclipse says they just have to have faith.

Andy moves into another room in the Underground's headquarters to get some space from his family. He talks to some of the other kids about what happened with Dr. Campbell. He says he wishes Polaris was there now. Lauren finds him and tries to talk to him. She says they have to focus on making things better. He says they're not playing X-Men anymore.

Turner finds out about the attack on Humanity Today. He continues tracking the Struckers towards the base.

The Cuckoos continue trying to work on Polaris, telling her she's like her father whether she likes it or not. One says she knows who gave her that medallion for her thirteenth birthday, and that Polaris knows what needs to be done here.

The trail Turner was following leads into an off-limits toxic waste site. Turner realizes its a cover. He's told to send a swat team in first and them the assault team if necessary. The mutant sentry sees them and tries to send them away, but Turner fights it and orders the team in. He radios in and Shatter sounds the alarm. The Mutant Underground prepares to evacuate. Sage sets fire to all of their hard drives and communication devices.

Thunderbird can't contact the base. Eclipse can't find Polaris. Thunderbird uses his tracking and hears a vehicle driving away with two of the Cuckoos. They're going to stop Campbell and Montez from reaching Washington DC. Thunderbird, Blink, and Eclipse go out to stop them.

Polaris tells the Cuckoos that the rest of the Underground will never go for this kind of thing. The Cuckoos say the Hellfire Club used to protect mutants as well. Fade drives off with the first van of mutants. Before the second can leave, Sentinel Services is there and Reed orders everyone inside.

The mutants barricade the doors. Caitlin and Reed come up with the idea to make an exit through the vault. They take the lead in organizing and leading the Mutant Underground in crisis. One of the super strong mutants tries to break down the vault wall, but he can only get so far. Shatter uses his power to transform the wall into another material and the other mutant starts to break through.

Sentinel Services moves in. The mutants inside start fighting back. They fend off the first wave of the siege.

Thunderbird wonders if this is a bipolar episode for Polaris, but Eclipse and Blink know it isn't.

The Frosts leave Polaris to do the job they came to do. Campbell and Montez are on their plane. Campbell tells Montez that his brother had cystic fibrosis.

Sentinel Services prepares another assault, this time using the Hounds from Fairbairn. They're not interested in taking prisoners.

The mutants in the vault see daylight through the walls. The Hounds use their powers to start blowing out the walls of the base.

The Mutant Underground breaks through and makes their way into the vault tunnel. Lauren and Andy volunteer to stay behind and use their powers to bring the entire bank building down in order to cover everyone else's escape. The Hounds make their way inside. Lauren and Andy hold hands and power up. Their power fills the building and filters through the windows. Turner gives the order to fall back. The building collapses.

Campbell and Montez's plane takes off and Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink arrive. Polaris blocks their way with barbed wire. On board the plane, Montez indicates that he plans to run for president. Polaris's friends try to talk her out of killing Montez and Campbell. Eclipse warns Polaris that their child will have to live in the world that comes after this. Polaris says its time to make a new world. She uses her powers on the plane. She rips the engines off, and the plane explodes. When Eclipse looks up, Polaris is gone.

The Mutant Underground rendezvous at a base in Nashville. They're told about what happened in Atlanta. There's been no word from Polaris.

Lauren and Andy are dealing with having to kill the Hounds inside the base.

Turner reports to the director. He questions Turner's judgment. Turner feels he's being turned into a scapegoat. He becomes angry with them. He quits Sentinel Services.

The Underground discuss what's next. Eclipse says its time to rebuild, not the building but the network. The Underground is feeling defeated, but the Struckers encourage them. Sage notes that it was when the Struckers arrived that half their bases were destroyed. Polaris arrives and interrupts the meeting. She tells them she wants to build a better world for her child, and she offers an open invitation to the mutants. Fade and Sage and several other mutants switch sides. Andy goes as well over the protests of his parents and Lauren.