'The Gifted' Season 1 Episode 11: "3 X 1" Recap with Spoilers

Flashback to Blink coming out of a movie on a date. A group of purifiers surrounds them. They spraypaint "mutie" on Blink's car and harass her and her date. Her date tells Blink to run as the Purifiers burn the car. Blink runs and portals away.

The Stepford Cuckoos report a man about their mission.They've all been recruited to rebuild the Hellfire Club.

Agent Turner speaks at a funeral for a Sentinels Services agent. Polaris speaks at Dreamer's funeral. Eclipse also speaks.

Later, at the Mutant Underground base, Blink tells Thunderbird she's willing to help him however she can and that Dreamer really loved him.

The Struckers discuss the idea of moving on from the Mutant Underground. The parents say they'll still be in the fight, but they don't want to be caught in the middle of all this tension after almost losing the kids a few days ago. The kids want to stay and make a difference.

The Stepford Cuckoos show up at the Mutant Underground base. They say they need the Underground's help. They want to team up to stop the Hound program before it expands. The Mutant Underground needs time to discuss.

Turner visits his daughter's grave. Campbell finds him. Campbell admits that he knows the Hound program is not humane, but he still says he is not a monster. He compares his work to the Manhattan Project and building the Atomic Bomb.

Lauren tells Andy that she thinks their parents may be right about leaving the Mutant Underground. Andy disagrees.

The Mutant Underground discusses what they know about the Cuckoos and what to do. Blink says that Senator Montez, the senator whose campaign was infiltrated by a Cuckoo, is a Purifier. Arguments are breaking out in the Mutant Underground about whether the Cuckoos are heroes or villains.

Polaris and Eclipse argue about the Cuckoos. Polaris doesn't feel bad at all about what the Cuckoos did, but Eclipse doesn't want to be used by the Cuckoos. Polaris says its all about survival.

The Struckers pack to leave. Eclipse finds them and can't believe it, but Reed and Caitlin have made up their minds. Eclipse gives them information on the next Mutant Underground waypoint on their trip and bids them farewell. They're still waiting for Lauren to head outside.

Blink catches up with Lauren. Blink tells her that at some point she's going to have to make a stand. She also tells Lauren that Dreamer's death is not her fault.

At Trask Industries, Campbell tells Turner that he's figured out how to combine the powers of two mutants based on what they've learned from the Struckers and the Frosts.

The Struckers arrive at the Fairbairn Mutant Underground station and are greeted by Wes. They're just making a pit stop before heading to Mexico.

That night, one of the Cuckoos finds Andy. She says Andy's parents don't understand that Andy doesn't need protection. She says they need Andy most of all.

Another Cuckoo wakes up Polaris in the middle of the night back in Atlanta. The Cuckoo knows that Polaris likes the idea of teaming up. Polaris says she's heard rumors that the Cuckoos are part of the Hellfire Club. The Cuckoo says Polaris' father was a King of the Hellfire Club.

The next day, Wes tries to comfort and advise Lauren about what happened to Dreamer.

Polaris tells Eclipse that her powers are stronger than normal and she thinks its because of the baby. Eclipse is worried that it may be the prelude to a bipolar episode, but Polaris says it isn't that.

Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink have a big final debate about what to tell the Cuckoos. Eclipse and Thunderbird are wary, but Blink and Polaris are eager. Eclipse reminds them that the X-Men chose them for a reason and that they have to maintain their ethics.

Sentinels Services begin an assault on the Fairbairn Mutant Underground base using Hounds and their new Fenris technology. Andy is knocked out. The Struckers call the Atlanta cell for help and Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris, and Blink head towards them.

The Atlanta team arrives. Thunderbird uses his enhanced hearing to do some recon. Blink teleports them in. Wes passes out from keeping his mirage up too long. Sentinel Services soldiers move in. The Atlanta team gathers up the others. They make it to the woods, but Sentinel Services are searching for them and have found their vehicle. Andy comes to and says he knows a way to safety. The Cuckoos are waiting for them. They've knocked out several Sentinel Services guards and taken their vehicles.

Later, Turner and Campbell report to the director about the power of Campbell's program. He wants a demonstration to take to Washington.


Back in Atlanta, Caitlin tends to Wes and Andy. Andy tells them that the Cuckoos were the ones who saved them from Sentinel Services.

After discussing things with Mutant Underground, the Cuckoos report back to the Hellfire Club. The Inner Circle is not happy with the Cuckoo's actions. It was the Cuckoos who tipped off Sentinel Services, which led to the attack in Fairbairn. The Mutant Underground has agreed to team up.