'The Gifted' Season 2 Teaser Released

The Gifted ended its first season last night and FOX is already teasing its next.FOX released a [...]

The Gifted ended its first season last night and FOX is already teasing its next.

FOX released a new tease for The Gifted Season Two following the Season One finale. The teaser shows a banner with an encircled "M" painted on it. The text reads, "The Mutant Resistance Will Return."

Take a look above.

FOX announced The Gifted's Season Two renewal during the TCA winter press tour.

Last night's season finale episode created a new status quo for FOX's X-Men series. One of the Mutant Underground's leaders defected to the Hellfire Club. One of the mutants' greatest foes went rogue. A new threat may be emerging. ComicBook.com spoke to creator/showrunner Matt Nix about what that means for the future.

"Both sides are in a position of building," Nix said. "The Hellfire Club is, in our universe, is not like an established going concern, it's something that they're trying to rebuild. In its own way, it's got better money and it's own offices and better clothes, but the Hellfire Club is in no better shape than the Mutant Underground is. And so, going into Season Two, both sides are going to need to redefine their relationship with mutants and with society and how they function. I mean, the events at the end, the show exists in a world where bringing down a plane with a Senator in it is a really big deal. It's not something that happens every day. It has national repercussions. And Thunderbird is not wrong. He said, basically, 'It's going to change everything, and it's going to suck,' right? He didn't use those words, exactly...

"So, going into Season Two, you know, things will have changed, and they will change for everybody, and they're all going to have to rediscover and redefine their relationship to society. And the headquarters is gone. They talk about this a little bit, but it's not like giant ruined banks in areas that nobody goes are just sitting around. They don't get another headquarters off the shelf. They're going to have to figure out a new thing to do."

The Gifted will return to Fox in 2018.