'The Gifted': Matt Nix Teases 7/15 Reveals For Season 2

The first season of FOX's X-Men series The Gifted ended on a dark note, with Polaris and Andy Strucker embracing their evil sides and joining the Hellfire Club. And while the future will be a depressing place, the past isn't that much different.

The series has teased a terrible event that drastically divided mutants and humans, referred to as 7/15. The Gifted showrunner Matt Nix teased to TVLine they will reveal more details about that event when the series returns for Season 2.

"I would definitely like to explore 7/15 in more detail," said Nix, addressing the possibility of more flashbacks. "What exactly happened there is certainly one of the central questions of the series."

Nix let on that the series might have more significance as most fans would expect, and that it doesn't just contribute to the anti-mutant hysteria that's gaining steam in the series' present day.

"It’s a bigger deal than that," Nix said, "linked as it is to the disappearance of the X-Men and the Brotherhood, the creation of the Mutant Underground and the attempted rebuilding of the Hellfire Club…. It’s kind of at the center of everything we’re doing."

Nix also teased that the details of the event won't just be covered in a single episode, that it's too big to be wrapped up so cleanly. And given how it ties into nearly every aspect of the series, fans could expect a huge arc devoted to the history of this tragic event.

Viewers already know that 7/15 had a major effect on the series' main antagonist, Jace Turner. The police officer turned Sentinel Services agent turned renegade mutant hater lost his daughter in the incident, sending him down a path where he works to imprison mutants deemed dangerous to society.

He hasn't been given any reason to trust them throughout the series, as the mutant Dreamer took the memories of his daughter's death from him and forced him to go through the grieving process all over again. He then watched his colleagues slaughter themselves when the Frost Sisters, AKA the Stepford Cuckoos, reunited and broke out of imprisonment.


We've yet to really see the other side of the 7/15 incident or know what really took place, but in a series like The Gifted where both sides of the story tend to get explained, fans can expect to find out what actually happened on that fateful day.

There's no return date announced yet for The Gifted Season 2.