'The Punisher' Season 2 Releases Jigsaw Therapy Session Clip

Netflix is gearing up to release the second season of The Punisher in two weeks, with Frank Castle's old pal Billy Russo returning to the fray as the villain Not-Quite-Jigsaw.

While the character won't go by his classic Marvel Comics name, the damage Frank did to Billy will continue to affect him in the new episodes. Netflix has offered a glimpse into his state of mind by posing videos of his therapy sessions. Take a look in the video player above.

The video comes from a deleted tweet from the Netflix account, which pointed to a Google doc that contained a 7-page assessment of Billy. A link in that document takes users to the YouTube video, which is unlisted. Basically, users following this viral campaign are getting some exclusive footage before the show returns.

Billy continues to be played by Westworld's Ben Barnes. The latest teaser trailer for The Punisher revealed his character's scarred face, a result of his battle from last year's season finale. It seems like he's having trouble coping, which is why he's in treatment with psychotherapist Krista, played by Supergirl's Floriana Lima.

The actress previously spoked with Collider, offering more insight into her character's relationship with the Punisher's nemesis.

"She's worked with veterans before, she's dealt with PTSD. She comes in the second episode, we see her with Billy, who she's been working with for months," said Lima. "She's been coaching him through all the things that Ben just mentioned, all of his putting together of puzzles. She has specific techniques and some insights into how to pull out everything he is struggling with."

The actress expanded on her relationship with Billy, who was one of the main antagonists for Season 1 and is positioned to be a major threat for the new episodes. Lima was asked if her character sees Billy as a villain.

"I think she deals with a lot of different types of personalities. In the beginning, we're seeing her just learning about Billy, I don't think she's coming up with an opinion," Lima said. "She's thinking most of it is PTSD. I don't think she's judging in any way. She's just thinking it's another patient, he has his own trauma, his own mess to deal with. She's helping him with the puzzle, I guess."

Barnes addressed how his character's approach has changed in Season 2 compared to the first season of the series.

"There wasn't much vulnerability to Billy Russo the first season, it was a lot of Burberry and hair gel first, human being second," said Barnes. "Then in this, all that's gone. He's in a gown and he doesn't want to look at himself. He doesn't know if there's anyone in the world who will understand, and I think that's a beautifully vulnerable position to be in."

The Punisher Season 2 premieres on Netflix on January 18th.