This Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Inspired Doctor Strange's Scene-Stealing Cape

Let’s face it: Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation kind of stole the show for fans. The [...]

Let's face it: Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation kind of stole the show for fans. The sentient cape was both hilariously protective and oddly fond of Dr. Stephen Strange, and it gave the fledgling sorcerer all sorts of neat powers. Fans were left doubled-over after the fickle cloak started to bash baddies' heads in or dangle itself about its wearer's figure.

And, now, fans have learned the scene-stealing cape was inspired by a beloved member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In an interview with IGN, visual effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti explained how his work with Rocket Raccoon inspired him to give Doctor Strange's cloak a big personality.

"For most of the cloak shots we used the same company that did Rocket on Guardians," he explained, "because we knew that we wanted the cloak to be a real character. They had done amazing work with Rocket on Guardians so we used them for that. I think it turned out pretty well."

Of course, the film was already scripted in such a way that Doctor Strange's cloak did have some kick to it. However, Ceretti said he and his team had long discussions about how the Cloak of Levitation would be introduced to moviegoers and then move on to steal their hearts.

"As we went along, and started to do pre-viz, then we had a big discussion about the arc of the story of the cloak in the film," Ceretti said. "It begins like the story of a horse rider and the horse. The first time they meet they don't know each other, right? The horse is kind of crazy and takes over the horse rider, but as they work together they start to learn each other and work together in the end. It's the same kind of story."

He continued on, saying, "We went through that and the guys from stunts came up with ideas, so it was kind of a collaborative thing as it always is on these films. There are tons of people with good ideas and we try to make the best out of everything and I think that turned out pretty well."

When asked how his work on Doctor Strange differed from Guardians of the Galaxy tonally, Ceretti said there was plenty of overlap - but the latter's trippy visuals got to him.

"There's some resemblance in some of the things that we've done," he said. "In the same way, it's a totally different world. In [Guardians], it's more sci-fi oriented and crazy colors. More of a comedy kind of take on things as well. This one is a little bit more serious. It's also a little bit more trippy. We use very different techniques, actually. Guardians was also for us a huge animation film. This one was less of it. This one was more about the environments and effects and everything."


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