Thor: Love and Thunder Director Answers If Beta Ray Bill Will Show Up


Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi addressed if Beta Ray Bill will show up in the film. Fans are congregated on his Instagram for a watch party showing Thor: Ragnarok. People are clamoring for any and all information about the upcoming Marvel Studios slate. Thor's next outing will be of great interest to fans because of Jane Foster's return. That doesn't even mention Christian Bale as a villain, which is a constant source of debate among fans. Beta Ray Bill has been a requested character for a while in the Thor films, but right now, Waititi just doesn't know if that will all work out. People are just going to have to wait and see.

Waititi said on Instagram, "I love Beta Ray Bill. I'd love to have him in the film but I just don't know right now, thing are a little up in the air." So, that makes things a bit murky coming up. The director has voiced his love for that character in the past, but as a lot of things, it might be a bit out of his hands at the moment. The entire coronavirus pandemic situation obviously doesn't help because details are still in the "hammering it out" stage. Time will tell what happens, but it sounds like Waititi is fond of the character, which might end up being more important than you would think.

If it were up to Chris Hemsworth, Beta Ray Bill would be in the fold. He previously told a crowd at ACE Comic Con Midwest that the storyline featuring the character was one of the first comics given to him to prepare for the role as the Asgardian warrior.

"That was one of the first comics I ever read," Hemsworth said. "Yeah, I'd love that. I just hope they keep letting me have a crack at it." After that, The actor mentioned how a post-Thor: Ragnarok world has led to the Thor role becoming invigorated. He's hoping to keep this thing going for a long time to come.


"I've been having so much fun at it and it doesn't feel old to me and it feels fresh more now that the first couple of times I played it," the actor added. "To be reinvigorated with the character and the world and to feel like we sort of have no boundaries so we can really take it anywhere is an exciting point to be in."

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