Major Thor Weapon Returns

In case you've somehow been out of the loop, the vast majority of the Marvel Comics line has been embroiled in the "War of the Realms," a Thor-led event crafted in large part by Jason Aaron, the writer behind the recent run of Thor comics. The event is as it sounds: the whole lot of realms are at war, with the fight between Thor and Malekith at the very heart of things. The event largely wrapped up this week with War of the Realms #6, and while it essentially concluded the event, it also marked the return of a very specific weapon of Thor's.

Warning: major spoilers for War of the Realms #6 and the event itself follow.

As you may or may not recall, the iconic hammer Mjolnir was destroyed at the end of Jason Aaron's run featuring Jane Foster as Thor, Goddess of Thunder. In order to defeat the dastardly Mangog, Foster (as Thor) chained Mjolnir to to the creature and threw it into the Sun in The Mighty Thor #705. Given that her Thor transformation was keeping her alive, the action spelled the death of Foster, Mangog, and Mjolnir all together. Foster herself would be quickly revived in The Mighty Thor #706, thanks in part to the combined efforts of Thor Odinson and Odin himself. But Mjolnir, save for a small piece, was gone.

Until now.

As part of his quest to learn how to defeat Malekith in War of the Realms #6, Thor gives up the final piece of Mjolnir, letting it burn away into the Sun. Later, it turns out that this was all part of the plan, as Thor used the star and the storm that was once inside the hammer to forge it anew, and it lands near him on Midgard -- with a new handle seemingly crafted out of the roots of the World Tree. You can check it out below:

war of the realms mjolnir
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Thor goes on to wield the newly forged hammer to defeat Malekith, declaring himself the God of the Unworthy. One interesting thing to note? The hammer maintains the wording from the time where Jane Foster wielded it, which seems telling.

War of the Realms #6 is available now wherever comics are sold.