Todd McFarlane Doesn't See Marvel And Sony Reconciling On Spider-Man

It seems the negotiation between Sony and Marvel broke down regarding how they want to handle Spider-Man going forward, and one Marvel creator doesn't think they will end up making a deal. That would be famed Spider-Man artist Todd McFarlane, who has plenty of experience drawing Spidey and created characters like Venom along the way. Since then he's gone on to create his own popular superhero in the Spawn and his own toy empire, but he doesn't see things working out so well between Sony and Disney in their bid for money and the wall crawler's integration into the MCU.

"When Disney bought Marvel there were some characters that were out," McFarlane told Bloomberg. "They had to spend 2 billion dollars to get Iron Man back from Paramount. They tried to get X-Men and the Fantastic Four from Fox for $4 billion but it ended up costing them $73 billion because they just had to buy the whole studio and then the deal that they made with Sony because there's a bit of a soft spot there for Spider-Man that they would sort of cross over and Sony and the MCU, and the Disney ones would put Spider-Man in."

That worked out quite well for both sides, as Spidey helped Captain America: Civil War cross the billion mark and the MCU helped Spider-Man: Homecoming revive the solo franchise. Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home has crossed that billion mark and their initial deal nears its end though, it seems Disney wants to change up the terms, and McFarlane doesn't see Sony giving in to their demands.

"Now they want to renegotiate the terms, and from what I'm hearing the terms are jumping pretty aggressively and Sony's saying we just got a billion dollars on Venom, a character that I helped co-create, and Spider-Man just became their biggest grossing movie ever. They're going 'we don't need to give away the farm because we're doing quite fine without you.' I don't know they're going to reconcile this difference."

When asked if he thinks Spidey will ever cross into the MCU again, McFarlane said "If I was the executive of Sony I'd say no. I'd go I'm not giving you...they want to jump it from what I'm hearing from a 10% take to a 50% take. I don't know what executive is going to give them that jump."


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