Venom Co-creator Todd McFarlane Redesigns Movie Look

The second Venom trailer seemed to win a lot of people over, and the character's co-creator Todd [...]

The second Venom trailer seemed to win a lot of people over, and the character's co-creator Todd McFarlane is quite happy with it, though there are just a few tweaks he would make to the character's design.

McFarlane's artistic style is closely associated with Venom, and the fan-favorite artist is really liking what he's seeing from the upcoming Tom Hardy take on the character. That said, there are a few tweaks he would've made to the Venom design seen in the trailers, and he shared those with fans on Facebook Live.

McFarlane took a screenshot from the film of a Venom face closeup. McFarlane likes the way the team gave Venom massive shoulders, as McFarlane compares the character bulk and size to a Gorilla. He likes the coloring of the eyes, but as you can see int he video he feels there would be a bit more black in between the eyes and the overall shape of them should be a little more angular.

He makes a few edits, does some cloning, and makes the shape a bit more like his comic version. He then makes some adjustments to the teeth, which he likes overall but feels less is more. He trims the size of the top teeth to be smaller int eh front and longer towards the back and sides, and also increases the jaggedness to them. He fells in some black on the sides too to make the smile and grin smaller.

He also trims the bottom part of the smile a bit to not show as many teeth on the lower half and then removes his edits to show mostly unaltered original underneath.

Those small edits do make a big difference, but overall he really didn't change too much, as he states he likes what they're doing. You can check out the full video above.

From the first two trailers, it seems the film is leaning into its R-Rating, something McFarlane had previously hoped to see.

"The only thing that's warming my heart - I mean Tom Hardy is obviously a good choice - the thing that's warming my heart is they're saying it's going to be R. So now the question is (and I haven't read the script), like what does that mean? Because again, we've seen a couple "R movies" right? I mean we've seen Logan and we've seen Deadpool... So it would be interesting to me to see what they do. I mean I know what I would do if they gave me that character; I would scare the sh*t out of people with it. I don't know if they want to go that far with it, cause again, you can sell a lot of shirts and toys if you don't completely scare people, so it will be interesting."

Venom hits theaters on October 5, 2018.

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