WandaVision is Really Setting Up House of M For Spider-Man 3, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel Comics fans have been getting House of M vibes from WandaVision since the first trailer for [...]

Marvel Comics fans have been getting House of M vibes from WandaVision since the first trailer for the series dropped. It didn't hurt that there was a blatant Easter egg in the trailer referencing the popular comic event, as a label on a bottle of wine in the trailer (and seen in Episode 1) translated from French to a reference to the comic title. However, a new theory, first posed on ComicBook.com's Phase Zero podcast, suggests that all of WandaVision could simply be amounting to the first issue of the House of M comic series with the bulk of the story coming later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In short, the first issue of the House of M comic sees Charles Xavier trying to level with Wanda Maximoff as she is creating a fake reality for herself where she gets to live happily ever after with her kids. Professor X recognizes that she is becoming dangerous and realizes he is losing an ability to stop her from making this imagined reality a new reality for the entire universe. He meets with Avengers and X-Men as the essentially debate whether or not they have to kill the Scarlet Witch to protect their universe. At the end of the first issue, before a clear decision was agreed upon by all parties, Wanda uses her powers to consume everyone into a new reality. Dead characters are brought back to life. Living characters are altered. Most are stripped of their memories. The rest of the series focuses on restoring the main reality the characters knew before Scarlet Witch changed everything.

In the video below, the Phase Zero podcast discusses how this could be what's coming at the end of WandaVision and what some of the upcoming movies which are known to be tying into the Disney+ series could be dealing with.

"This show could all be the first issue of House of M," I explained on this week's Phase Zero podcast episode. I" think that maybe somebody's going to have to get through to Wanda and tell her it's not real. Maybe that's Monica, maybe that's somebody else. I asked Kevin Feige, 'This is a TV show, does it end on a cliffhanger like all TV shows do?' We know it leads into Spider-Man 3 and it leads into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, I'm about to put the tinfoil hat on. I'm about to go deep cut details here. I think that this could end with Wanda, essentially, losing control of her powers, everything becomes this alternate reality. With the cliffhanger is what happened to that reality."

The argument lays heavily in the titles which come after WandaVision, most of which are set before WandaVision. "Black Widow is set before WandaVision. I believe Shang-Chi is going to be set during The Blip. The Eternals is set before, maybe after, but definitely heavily before WandaVision. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was originally supposed to come out before WandaVision. Loki is set before WandaVision. All of these things, what if it's in alternate, not-happening real world? All of these things are not impacted by the outcome of WandaVision," I explained. "The first thing that's guaranteed to be set after WandaVision is Spider-Man 3 and we know that's all sorts of crazy multiverse. Then, it's all going to get set straight in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, I do think WandaVision is going to end with the alternate reality consuming all of reality, and the multiverse being blown wide open."

What do you think? Is WandaVision simply creating a new, different world for the marvel Cinematic Universe until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sets everything straight again? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

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