X-Men: Apocalypse's Alexandra Shipp Explains How Her Storm Is Different From Halle Berry's

Storm Shipp
(Photo: FOX)

The Storm we see in X-Men: Apocalypse greatly diverges from the previous rendition just based on visuals alone. According to Storm Actress Alexandra Shipp, the changes don't stop there.

In a live Twitter Q&A, the question was asked: "what can we expect different from this younger Storm in contrast to Halle's?" The answer was quite a bit, but delivered with some added flair.

"Well, I can tell you one thing okay, this Storm's got problems, alright? She's living on the street, its like real rude, like, it's a completely different Storm, like you're seeing Storm from the beginning, and that's like whaaa."


While Halle Berry definitely had the look down pat, many fans thought the characterization lacked something. If the Twitter video is anything to go on, this version of Storm will probably not have the same issue.