‘X-Men’ Producer Wants Team To Be Part Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios has been growing its roster since 2008, but there is one team that has yet to join [...]

Marvel Studios has been growing its roster since 2008, but there is one team that has yet to join the franchise. Film rights have kept the X-Men from joining the MCU as of yet, but one X-Men producer would really like to see the crossover happen.

Recently, Vanity Fair shared several in-depth pieces honoring the MCU on the cusp of its tenth anniversary. It was there X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner threw in her support to have the mutant icons team up with the Avengers in theaters.

"Well, I wish. I would love it," she said. "I would love it. But it's not for me to say."

Feige also chimed in on the matter, and the Marvel Studios president refused to give fans hope where there is none.

"Well, the problem is whenever I say anything about it, it becomes 15 headlines. So would we like to? Yeah, of course," Feige said, signaling his continued desire to get the X-Men back.

"Is there any movement toward it at all? No. Same thing. Same status."

Recently, rumors about the X-Men opening up to the MCU ran wild when news about a Disney Fox merger went public. According to recent reports, Disney was in talks with Fox at one time to buy most of the company's assets save its news and sports IPs. As of right now, it appears those talks have died down for the time being, but there is a chance Disney could put enough cash down to tempt Fox into letting the X-Men go.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons Fox would be hesitant to let such a franchise go. The X-Men film franchise is doing well right now thanks to hits like Logan and Deadpool. The series will expand further in 2018 when The New Mutants and Deadpool 2 arrive before X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Gambit's solo film come to theaters.

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