This Epic Juggernaut Cosplayer Is Ready to Destroy Xavier's Mansion

When it comes to cosplay, comic book fans have it covered. With San Diego Comic-Con on the horizon, dozens of high-quality cosplays are coming to light, and one of them has taken Reddit by storm. After all, it takes serious skills to bring the Juggernaut to life, and X-Men fans are raving over the look.

Taking to social media, a fan showed off a rather impressive Juggernaut cosplay made by a friend. You can check out the look below and decide whether you trust in the cosplay or not.

Just, don't upset the guy. The Juggernaut is still the Juggernaut after all, and he's more unpleasant than the Hulk when he gets mad.

Juggernaut by PretzelBot from r/comicbooks

As you can see, the cosplay does its best to put the Juggernaut to scale. The mutant looks plenty tall thanks to his stilted boots, and that is not all. A ton of foam was used to replicate the mutant's bulging muscles, and the Juggernaut wears them easily. The only thing X-Men fans question is the mask's wide openings, but the detail is a minor one to notice.

This X-Men cosplay is a very impressive one, but fans aren't sure how practical the look is. After all, foam is heavy when it is put together in mass quantities, and it acts as a fantastic insulator. There is little doubt this cosplay would work up a sweat for whoever wears it, but it seems the creator already thought of that. After all, it turns out this cosplay has USB-powered fans blowing airs on the inside, so this cosplay is as functional as it is impressive.


So, what do you make of this impressive X-Men cosplay? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!