'Incredibles 2' Will Introduce a New Team of Supers

Who ever said one family of superheroes was enough?!

The Incredibles franchise always has, and always will be about the fantastic members of the Parr family (and their Sam Jackson-voiced ally Frozone), but the upcoming Pixar sequel is going to seriously expand the universe of existing superheroes. As you may have noticed in the film's official poster, several new supers are suiting up and will be called into action when Incredibles 2 arrives this summer.

During a recent visit to Pixar Animation Studios, ComicBook.com learned all about these new supers, and what kind of role they'll be playing in the film. We're about to break it down, but just be warned that there may some mild spoilers ahead.

So, as you've probably seen in the Incredibles 2 trailers, the main story of the movie follows Elastigirl as she's recruited by the wealthy duo of Winston and Evelyn Deavor. These company-running siblings want to make supers popular again, knowing that there is money to be made from them. Well, the movie goes on, you'll see that there are other companies from all around the world that had the same idea.

Unfortunately for them, since most of the world's supers were killed or sent into hiding, there wasn't a lot to choose from. Most of these new supers are of the B-list variety, with powers ranging from the pretty useful to the completely ridiculous, earning them the nickname, "The Wannabes."

Check out a detailed look at The Wannabes in the Incredibles 2 concept art below:

incredibles 2 wannabes art
(Photo: Pixar Animation Studios)

So, from left to right, the characters pictured pictured here are named Screech, He-Lectrix, Reflux, Brick, Compactor, and Voyd. While the abilities and backgrounds of most of these heroes are still a mystery, there are a couple that we do know a little bit more about.

Reflux, the smaller super wearing the orange suit, is probably the weirdest of the bunch. As you can probably guess, his name comes from medical condition acid reflux, and his powers are exactly that. This super literally sprays acid from his mouth.

Of these supers, the character we know most about is Voyd, who stands on the far right. Voiced by former One Tree Hill and Chicago P.D. star Sophia Bush, Voyd can manipulate and exercise the space around her.

Voyd enters the fray as an enormous fan of Elastigirl. According to writer/director Brad Bird, Voyd's infatuation with Helen Parr has become quite passionate over the years, leading to a sort of manic obsession.

"There's a character named Voyd who's a new superhero, and she admires Helen and is kind of a Helen groupie," Bird explained during a Q&A. "I described her to the animators as like, we had this dog that was this very big, powerful dog and it only had two settings. One was in your face, 'Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me!' And when you said finally, 'Get off!' it [becomes] 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' Then he goes, 'Oh it's okay! Now Love me, love me, love me!' She's a little bit like that and she's always leaning in a little too much and always a little too ready to ask ten million questions and it's a fun character. I've never seen that before in superhero movies and we're always trying to juice it up."

Having been away from the spotlight for so long, it's going to be interesting to see how Helen handles this type of fandom, and whether or not it becomes dangerous over time. Remember last time one of the Incredibles had an obsessive fan? Hopefully things work out a little better this time around.


Which of these new supers are you most looking forward to seeing? Do you think Voyd will turn out like Syndrome did in the first movie? Share your thoughts by dropping a line in the comment section below!

Incredibles 2 flies into theaters on June 15!