New 'Glass' Trailer Teaser Reveals The Mastermind

The second trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass is almost here, and to complete the new line of promos for that premiere, today we have the third and final teaser, which you might have already guessed features Samuel L. Jackson's Unbreakable villain, Elijah Price.

However, the world now knows Elijah Price by a new name: "Mr. Glass." Although this teaser, as you can see below, paints the titular figure of this Unbreakable and Split sequel in a very different sort of light:

"The Mastermind" isn't just a characterization of who Elijah Price has been in this film series: it's also a clear indication of what kind of role he'll play in this threequel installment.

As the first Glass trailer has shown, it seems that the story will pick up with Bruce Willis' David Dunn (aka "The Overseer") finally tracking down James McAvoy's Kevin Wendell Crumb, aka "The Beast." that battle seems to end in a stalemate, with both Dunn and Crumb landing in police custody. We know that both men end up institutionalized and under the study of one Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson). However, with Shyamalan, looks are almost always deceiving, so the question becomes: why is Elijah Price brought in as part of Staple's study?

On the one hand, Elijah Price has been institutionalized since the 2000s, with a very public and pronounced belief in the idea that extraordinary (even superhuman) individuals exist in our society. That belief would make Price a prime selection for Dr. Staple's study on superhero / supervillain delusions - or, it could be something far more twisted. "Mr. Glass" is truly a mastermind villain, who has been waiting ever since childhood to prove his point - it stands to reason he would have been waiting and planning for an opportunity to show the world what a true superhero vs. supervillain conflict would look like. Given Dr. Staple's area of scientific interest, she may have met and been studying Price for years - long enough for Price to have possibly twisted her mind around to his side. In other words: Dr. Staple may not be the one truly in charge of her little study - and Price certainly may be.


That's a pretty ominous consideration when you factor in the part where both Dunn and Crumb have people close to them brought into the institution (Dunn's son, and Casey Cooke, the surviving girl The Beast bonded with). Sure, Price's mother is also brought in - but she could similarly be more of an accomplice than a hostage.

Hopefully we learn more when the new Glass trailer drops tomorrow. The movie will be in theaters on January 18th.