Plane That Keanu Reeves Was on Had to Make Emergency Landing

Just weeks after Aquaman star Jason Momoa had to make an emergency landing when his private plane had an apparent fire, a plane carrying Bill & Ted Face the Music star Keanu Reeves was grounded due to mechanical problems -- and Reeves ended up making the rest of his trip in a van full of his fellow travelers. “That time when your flight out from [the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco] almost crashes and you have to emergency land in a remote airport but at least Keanu Reeves is having as bad a day as you are,” wrote Amir Blum, the co-creator of Unboxed Experience. “I mean, near death experience followed by fans annoying you for pictures. Doesn’t get much worse.”

Unlike Momoa, who got up in the air with another plane shortly after, Reeves apparently determined that it was in fact faster to travel by ground. The original flight, from San Francisco to Burbank in Los Angeles, made an emergency landing in Bakersfield -- about a 90-minute car ride, according to Google Maps (although with Los Angeles traffic, who knows). Given the additional complications of air travel, though -- arriving early, rebooking tickets, going through security -- even a best-case scenario it would be difficult to imagine anyone getting where they're going in less than two hours once their flight was redirected to a new airport. The United flight landed safely and no one on board was injured.


“SkyWest Flight 5223, operating as United Express from San Francisco to Burbank on Saturday, March 23, diverted to Bakersfield due to a mechanical indication,” SkyWest Airlines Corporate Communications said in a statement. “The flight landed safely without incident in Bakersfield. Passengers deplaned normally at the gate and were then transported via ground transportation to Burbank.”

According to Yahoo! News, Reeves took point in helping to arrange alternate travel plans for fellow passengers, since he has so much experience traveling for work. As one might expect, this process got filmed by several other travelers. Reeves's management has yet to make a statement, and while they certainly enjoyed spending some time with the animated and friendly actor, most of the passengers posting about the event on social media were just happy that it all seemed to sort itself out pretty quickly and easily. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum will be in theaters on May 17.