Avengers Movie Extended Trailer: Five Best Parts

The Avengers Super Bowl extended trailer has been creating quite a bit of discussion. Having watched the trailer like a gazillion times, we picked out what we consider the five best moments from the trailer. Here are our picks.

Avengers Hawkeye's Moment5. Hawkeye's Moment

– It's become sort of a running joke of if Hawkeye will even show up in The Avengers. He's usually standing in the back on all the promotional material for the film and that's assuming he's pictured at all. However, Hawkeye gets his moment in The Avengers Super Bowl trailer, as he's pictured falling backwards. It's a great shot of him appearing to be plummeting to his death, while shooting an arrow. Of course, we all know it's likely a grappling hook arrow that will allow him to save himself from becoming a sidewalk splat.

Avengers Nick Fury's Narration4. Nick Fury's Narration

– Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury does a perfect job serving as an ominous narrator for the trailer. Fury sets the tone as his voice booms over images of explosions to tell everyone, "The world has changed." Fury assesses the situation by pointing out, "We are hopelessly outgunned." Fury pulls everyone together with "It's time." And finally, Fury offers hope with "I still believe in heroes."

Avengers Hulk smashes spaceship3. Hulk Smashes Spaceship

– Seeing Hulk smash is always a treat, but seeing Hulk leap into the air and smash into a spaceship is more than incredible. It's got to be a tricky special effects scene to pull off, but The Avengers did it perfectly.

Avengers standing together2. Avengers Assembled

– As the camera pans around, all six Avengers are shown standing together for the first time. It's an understated but perfect way to introduce the team, as we see them circled together preparing to face some unimaginable threat.

0commentsAvengers Tony Stark pours drink1. We have a Hulk!

– As Loki brags that he has an army, Tony Stark calmly fixes his drink and replies "We have a Hulk!" It's the best line in any of the Avengers movie trailers so far, and we wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be the best and most memorable line in the whole Avengers movie.