Batman vs. Superman Work Rumored at the Kent Farm

The Man of Steel Unofficial Facebook Page are reporting lights in the sky at the Kent farm in [...]

Superman Vs. Batman cartoon

The Man of Steel Unofficial Facebook Page are reporting lights in the sky at the Kent farm in Yorkville, IL, suggesting that scenes may be filming of other work being done there for Batman vs. Superman. There's certainly nothing definitive, and it's not anything like the football game between Metropolis and Gotham, which was teased out for a week or more ahead of time. Still, with production set to get seriously underway in spring 2014, it wouldn't be surprising if they were starting to prep what's likely to be one of the film's major practical locations. Here's what they had to say about the lights, in part:

Several reports have surfaced from fans in the Yorkville, IL area about "activity" going on at what was the location of the Kent Farm in Man of Steel. If you're local, and snoop it out, let us know! Following a wrapped production in the area for the first movie, the set was disassembled, but reports accompanied that production would be looking to come back for the next movie.... Now, a new post from Yorkville Patch, also reports on "lights in the sky" at the location of filming. A movie is being filmed there, in the corn fields, at the location of the Kent Farm. All are extremely tight lipped on if it's for the new movie, a lesson no doubt learned from the filming the first time around. Production began around the end of August and is scheduled to run until February, 2014... just around the time it's to start in Michigan. Note: big and many "no trespassing" signs are up.

While stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are both currently filming other projects, Diane Lane has been confirmed to return as Martha Kent, so it's not impossible she could be shooting at the farm without her "son"--even if the most obvious choice is that they're constructing sets.