Kevin Smith Returns to Quick Stop to do More Clerks Filming

Kevin Smith headed back to the Quick Stop -- along with Clerks franchise stars Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran -- to film a music video for rapper and music producer Logic over the weekend. Smith could be seen in his costume as Silent Bob, while O'Halloran and Anderson were Dante and Randal, respectively. Smith has made the little New Jersey convenience store famous in the years since the original Clerks was filmed there in 1993. Clerks III, which got a limited release earlier this year and can be seen on the road with Smith as part of a roadshow complete with filmmaker Q&A, was the first movie since the original to film in the real Quick Stop, with the Quick Stop scenes in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot happening on a set designed to look like the store.

No word yet on what song the music video is for. Logic does not have a track listed on unofficial Clerks III soundtrack playlists on Spotify, and no official soundtrack has been released. 

You can see Smith's post below.

"Lionsgate still makes DVDs and Blu-rays and s--t," Smith told his audience at Hall H during Comic Con Interntaional in San Diego. "They sold DVDs and Blu-rays of 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.' And, apparently, sold enough to reach out to us and say, 'We sold so many f--ing DVDs and Blu-rays that if you ever want to make more of this Jay and Silent Bob bulls--t, as long as it's under this pricepoint, f--k it, have a go at it and s--t. The only reason we got to do that is because bought hardware, kids. Thank you for that."

Clerks III, which is distributed by Lionsgate, is Smith's first new feature film since Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Randal suffers a life-threatening heart attack in the movie, as Smith did in real life. It will spur the lifelong slacker to find the one thing he likes better than working retail and making fun of his customers: he's going to make a movie.

A movie about working retail and making fun of his customers, naturally.

There have been a few different ideas for Clerks 3 over the years, with one getting so far that there was a live script reading in 2020. Smith has suggested in the past that the holdout was Jeff Anderson, who is more reluctant to return to the world of Clerks than the rest of the cast. Randal is irreplaceable, though, and without all of the leads on board, Smith has said that it's a non-starter. This time, Smith brings back Marilyn Ghigliotti, who played Dante's girlfriend Veronica in Clerks. She is the rare View Askew lead who has not been seen in another of Smith's movies since, making her return especially significant.

The first Clerks centered on one very bad day in the life of Dante Hicks, a convenience store worker who got called into work on his day off and spent the whole shift dealing with belligerent customers, freak occurrences, a sex-obsessed ex-girlfriend, and his obnoxious best friend, Randal. Clerks II saw Dante ready to settle down and get married -- but secretly in love with someone else, and dealing with the reality that he has one day to decide where his heart lies.

Clerks III will be available to own digitally on Friday, October 14, with the DVD and Blu-ray coming in December.