Original Spider-Man 2 Plans Included Gwen Stacy, Eddie Brock, and Peter Parker's Parents

Nearly two decades after its release, the following for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 has never been larger. All these years later, the Tobey Maguire vehicle is still one of the most popular movies among fans of superhero films, even when bringing the movies from Marvel Studios into the mix. Now more than 16 years after its release, one of the screenwriters first associated with the property is revealing some behind-the-scenes information on what could have been.

David Koepp, the scribe behind Raimi's original Spider-Man, recently uploaded a batch of Spider-Man scripts to his personal resume website. One of the scripts, titled Amazing Spider-Man, was originally being developed as a follow-up to the first Spider-Man, though it had many differences — most notably the inclusions of Gwen Stacy and Eddie Brock.

Even though Koepp wanted to include the fan-favorite characters in the sequel, neither character appeared until Spider-Man 3, when they were played by Bryce Dallas Howard and Topher Grace, respectively. Koepp and Raimi eventually parted ways and Alvin Sargent took over screenwriting duties for both Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3. All of the scripts Koepp wrote for the property are available for consumption on his website here.

Earlier this summer, Koepp revealed that he intended to return to the property of the very first Amazing Spider-Man in an attempt to finish the trilogy he set out to create.

"There was a time maybe seven or eight years ago when I was gonna come back for a couple Spider-Man movies, after they'd done their first Amazing Spider-Man," Koepp explained to Collider. "On the very first Spider-Man I sort of planned out what I thought the first three movies should be, and then all the assorted personalities it didn't work for me to keep writing the Spider-Man movies…"

"So I was excited to come back and try to finish the story I started telling in the first one," he added. "And as we were about to agree that I was going to do that, I pulled out all the old stuff and I started outlining those two movies and I thought, 'Boy, you can't go home again. That moment has passed. The time when I was really feeling it was 10 years ago, and there's no point in trying to recreate it.' So I bailed."

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