Avengers 2 Rumor: Vin Diesel To Play The Vision

Vin Diesel the Vision

So there’s a rumor starting to circulate that Vin Diesel will play the Vision in The Avengers 2. Guess who’s responsible for igniting this rumor? None other than Vin Diesel himself.

Vin Diesel (or whoever manages his Facebook page) recently posted two new profile pictures and a new cover photo to his official Facebook page. The two profile pictures are of the Marvel Comics character the Vision. One of the Vision profile pictures is in color and the other Vision profile picture is in black and white. The cover photo shows a close-up drawing of Vin Diesel’s eyes with the words “True Vision.”

There was no type of announcement to go along with the profile pictures, but the profile pictures are often of characters Vin Diesel plays in the movies. For example, the Vision profile picture has now been updated to a picture of The Iron Giant, who Vin Diesel voiced.

So what does the appearance of the Vision profile picture mean? Is Vin Diesel currently under consideration for the role of the Vision in Avengers 2? Or is Vin Diesel possible campaigning for the role? Or are his Facebook admins just having some fun?

A number of years back there were rumors that Vin Diesel was going to play the Silver Surfer role in Fantastic Four 2, but those rumors eventually proved to be untrue. However, if Vin Diesel is interested in playing the Vision, his bald head and muscular build would certainly help him look the part. What do you think? Would you like to see Vin Diesel play the Vision in Avengers 2?

Vin Diesel True Vision