Could We See A New Indiana Jones Movie Soon?

indiana jonesRumors have kicked up yet again that a fifth Indiana Jones film is on the way, this time sourced from a reporter who spoke with Disney CEO Robert Iger on the subject.

"We'd love to make another Indiana Jones movie but we're pacing ourselves right now," Iger told Variety's Marc Graser, who noted that Iger suggested Star Wars had to be their first focus.

Back when Disney purchased Lucasfilm, Iger told stockholders that they had purchased the company essentially for the perceived value of Star Wars, making Indiana Jones, Industrial Light and Magic and other Lucas assets essentially just bonuses in the transaction.

Later, they would say that there were "no immediate plans" for a new Indiana Jones movie, but there have been persistent rumors surrounding either a final installment with Harrison Ford, a passing of the torch to another character or a reboot, with names like Chris Pratt and Chris Pine tossed around at various times but no solid sources for any of those rumors.

One of the most persistent rumors, though, is that another Indiana Jones installment was something Harrison Ford demanded in order to sign on for more Star Wars. Ford has said for years that he felt Han Solo probably should have died in Return of the Jedi, and that he was reluctant to revisit the space smuggler should the opportunity arise.