Epic Nerd Camp Offers Summer Camp For Adults

There is a summer camp for nerdy adults and it is literally epic.Recently featured by The [...]

There is a summer camp for nerdy adults and it is literally epic.

Recently featured by The Washington Post, Epic Nerd Camp is a 5-day summer camp experience for adults allowing campers to participate in all manner of "nerdy" pursuits including swordplay, wizarding, Harry Potter-inspired Quidditch, role-playing, and even geeky arts and crafts.

Created by former dolphin trainer Kim Kjessler and her husband, Epic Nerd Camp takes the best elements of convention gatherings and combines then with the social aspect of traditional summer camps.

"I designed a camp that I wanted to go to," Kjessler said. "I love conventions, but they're not tailored to making friends. It's hard to make friends as adults."

For many of those who come to the camp, making friends wasn't easy as kids either. One camper, Edward Cohen, told the Washington Post that he and his fellow campers were "the weird ones" growing up.

"Growing up, we were the weird ones," Cohen said. He went on to explain that he and some of his other campers deal with a variety of medical and other issues. "A lot of us are neuroatypical."

It's something that could easily result in negative experiences for some, but Epic Nerd Camp is careful to promote inclusion, not bullying. The camp, which is held over five days and four nights in the Poconos and celebrated its third summer this year, makes it clear on its website that there is no room for hate or judgment.

"If you're looking for some nerds to troll/bully, ENC is not for you," the website states. "We'll boot you out and keep your money."

It's not a small sum of money either. The camp costs $599, but according to Kjessler many in attendance pay less by signing up as volunteers and staff for the camp.

"We're good at fun," Kjessler said. "We're not so good at funding."

Of course, for those in attendance, the money is worth it for the acceptance and joy they find at the camp.

"This is my cruise," camper Bunny Smith said. "This is my happy place. There is no level of nerd you need to hit to be here."

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