Fast And Furious 6 Super Bowl Teaser Released

Fast & Furious 6 Teaser

With most of the movies running trailers during Super Bowl XLVII, there is some footage that has already been released online. However, the Super Bowl movie trailer for Fast & Furious 6 will be the first footage actually shown from the film.

Vin Diesel has been teasing the Fast & Furious 6 trailer for a couple months, and he just dropped another teaser via his Facebook page. While previous rumors had suggested that the Fast & Furious trailer would be thirty seconds long, Vin Diesel reveals that it will actually be a sixty second trailer. Vin Diesel also revealed that the trailer will air at the end of the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

In addition, Vin Diesel posted the first teaser poster for Fast & Furious 6. The teaser poster clears up speculation over what the movie will actually be called. Rumors had been flying that the latest Fast & Furious movie would be called Fast 6 or Furious 6, but it looks like it will actually be called Fast & Furious 6. The teaser poster also revealed the tagline "All roads lead to this."

Fast & The Furious 6 is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 24, 2013.