Happy Birthday! Michael Keaton Turns 64 Today

Happy birthday, Batman! Michael Keaton turns 64 today!

He may not be Batman in the current edition of the DC Comics films, but Keaton will always be Batman in our hearts. And Beetlejuice. And the one and only Birdman. Keaton played the titular vigilante hero in 1989's Batman, then again in 1992 with Batman Returns. More recently, Keaton starred in the Academy Award winning film, Birdman, as Riggan, the man who once played a super hero. What a stretch that must have been!

Before rising to fame, Keaton worked as a camera man for a local news station in Pittsburgh, PA. Soon after, he realized he belonged on the other side of the camera. The man has since pulled a hat trick on hosting Saturday Night Live, a feat many can't claim to have accomplished, in 1982, 1992, and 2015.

Congratulations on 64 years, Michael Keaton!