There Is A Hellboy Cameo In Ted 2

Hellboy is back on the big screen! Unfortunately, it's just not quite Hellboy III, yet. And... It's not exactly Hellboy.

Be warned, mild spoilers follow for Ted 2 if you haven't yet seen the outrageous comedy.

The third act of Ted 2 follows John Bennett and Ted to New York City. They end up at New York Comic Con but before walking in, Ted finds himself at the feet of a Hellboy cosplayer in a quite impressive costume. Maybe the Hellboy cameo will help Ron Perlman's recent efforts to boost morale in hopes of Hellboy III coming to life!

From here, several other comic book, movie, and television character pop up in the form of New York Comic Con cosplayers. Some of those which are highlighted in the Seth MacFarlane film are Darth Vader, Obi Wan, and the Ninja Turles. Raphael, in fact, plays a large part in the Ninja Turtles cameo.

Ted 2 is now playing in movie theaters.