Miles Teller Says Fantastic Four Casting Took A Lot Of Convincing

Miles Teller Mr. Fantastic

In a new interview with MTV, Miles Teller opened up about the casting process for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Teller revealed that Michael B. Jordan was the first one cast in the film due to the relationship he had built with director Josh Trank during Chronicle.

“When I was filming That Awkward Moment with Mike, he knew he was playing The Human Torch at that point. Him and Josh really bonded on Chronicle, and they came up with it. And yeah, I think it’s great. It is a big thing. You’re changing the race of a character. And it’s like, ‘Why couldn’t The Human Torch be black?’ All these characters were kind of spawned in this time that racism and the social awareness was just so one-sided and very kind of tunnel-visioned.”

In regards to his own casting, Teller said, “I tested for the role of Reed Richards. I think I’m the only person that did. But absolutely it took a lot of convincing for me with Reed Richards. I know Josh really had to…and Josh did for all the characters. For Jamie, he really vouched for. For Mike, he was this is my guy from the bat. And he was very specific on who he wanted to play these characters. I was his guy for it.”

In regards to if it was tough to keep a grounded take when he was playing someone known as Mr. Fantastic, Teller said, “What we’re trying to do with this movie is to really show these [characters] as people.”


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Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on August 7, 2015.