Mortal Kombat X Trailer Reveals Liu Kang As Playable Character

mortal kombat x liu kang

A new Russian market trailer for Mortal Kombat X reveals that longtime series hero Liu Kang is returning as a playable character.

As central a character as the original Mortal Kombat series had, Kang and Kung Lao were lost to the Netherrealm at the end of the 2011 reboot. It seems they've since been put under Shinnok's thrall, serving as agents of the Netherrealm against the warriors of Earthrealm.

Kang joins fellow classic Kombatants Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Raiden and more in Mortal Kombat X, along with a new generation of fighters.


Mortal Kombat X releases April 14.