New Batman: The Killing Joke Clip Released

The Killing Joke has finally been released, and to celebrate DC and Warner Bros. have released a new clip from the film.

The new footage features Batman hunting down leads as to the escaped Joker's whereabouts. He eventually makes his way to Mafia Boss Maroni, who claims to not know anything about where the villain is. While Batman is correct in not initially trusting him, Maroni gives a worthwhile reason to trust his words.

"We may be scared of you...we're terrified of him."

Batman Maroni
(Photo: DC Animation)

Alan Moore's Batman tale was already divisive, but in an effort to flesh out certain aspects of the story, DC has made the movie even more so. The creative team decided that if they were going to add more story to the original plot, it should focus on Batgirl, which most fans wouldn't have a problem with. The nature of that, however, has turned some fans off, as Barbara and Bruce are revealed to have a physical relationship.

The two have their share of awkwardness afterwards and leads to a second clip that surfaced online that features the heroine waiting by the phone so to speak for Batman to call. Bruce Timm recently commented on the new material in an interview with Vulture.


"It's tricky because it's messy, because relationships are sometimes messy," Timm said. "But to me and to Alan [Bunett] and Brian [Azzarello], it was all very fascinating to us to explore that angle." He also noted the relationship was used as a way to show how both characters make mistakes in the film."

You can see the film for yourself and make your opinion, as The Killing Joke is out in stores now.