Stan Lee Confirms Iron Man 3 Cameo to Shoot in North Carolina

On this week's episode of Kevin Smith's Hulu movie review show Spoilers, guest Stan Lee told the audience that he would be filming a cameo for the forthcoming Iron Man 3 on the film's set in North Carolina.

Lee, who appeared as a guest in the episode where Smith and company reviewed The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony's new Andrew Garfield movie about the character Lee co-created with artist Steve Ditko in the '60s. Most of the characters in the film were wholly created or at least co-created by Lee, who appeared in Smith's film Mallrats.

The pair joked about Lee's penchant for cameos, with the comic book legend ribbing Smith for not inviting him back after Mallrats. Smith, for his part, denied the allegation and said that he had invited Lee to appear in Chasing Amy but that Lee declined, saying that it was unbelievable and "science fiction" that a lesbian could fall in love with Ben Affleck.

Coming to his Marvel cameo appearances, Lee joked that his cameo was largely responsible for the success of The Avengers, because it was such a blink-and-you'll-miss-it thing that fans went back a second time to try and catch a glimpse of the Marvel icon. Fans going back two and three times to try and figure out what that cameo was, he joked, accounted for much of the film's billion-dollar worldwide gross.

After that, he told fans that he was heading to North Carolina soon to film his cameo in Iron Man 3. "I just came back from North Carolina--now I've got to go back there!" Lee told the filmmaker.

It's not really much of a surprise since most of the film is shooting in North Carolina, but there's a chunk of time coming up when Shane Black will be shooting the film in China.

Check out both the full episode and the Stan Lee interview itself below, compliments of Hulu!


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