Star Wars: The Force Awakens -These Poe Dameron Body Pillows Could Be Yours


You have to imagine a Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) body pillow would be a hot item in a galaxy far far away, as he's the rebel fighter pilot that delivered the kill-shot on the Starkiller Base -- just in the nick of time -- to save the Resistance from certain destruction.

For Star Wars fans that want to hug/cuddle with Poe, I have good news for you. Indonesian artist, Brilcrist, has designed two body-length Poe Dameron pillowcases. One is of Poe dressed in his orange-and-white pilot uniform in a seductive pose. While the second pillowcase is of Poe with his hands bound, looking a little disheveled after a First Order interrogation.

If interested, you'll have to contact Bilcrist (click here) about pricing and be on her list by January 15th. In the past, her starting point on custom-pillowcases of this sort has been $250.

Below, you can check out an image of the two Poe pillowcases.


(via Nerdist)


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now playing at your local cinema.