The Walking Dead: Five Spoilers For Next Week’s Say The Word Episode

The Walking Dead Say The Word Rick

At the end of the “Killer Within” episode of The Walking Dead, AMC aired a brief sneak preview of next week’s “Say The Word” episode. There was also an extended preview involving The Governor and Michonne during The Talking Dead. The various scenes in the previews move quickly, but it’s possible to make out a couple of spoilers for the “Say The Word” episode.

5. Where’s Rick Going With That Ax In His Hand? – If you were wondering how Rick was  going to react after his breakdown upon learning Lori was dead, then it looks like he might get angry. The preview shows Rick grabbing an ax off the ground and heading off somewhere in a rush. Daryl can be heard yelling out “Rick” as he leaves. Could Rick be going on a zombie killing spree?

The Walking Dead Say The Word The Governor

4. The Governor Is Throwing A Party – In front of the townspeople of Woodbury, The Governor says, “Today we celebrate how far we’ve come.” Andrea and the rest of Woodbury can be seen raising their glasses in celebration.

The Walking Dead Say The Word The Baby

3. The Baby Will Die If She Doesn’t Get Formula – As the group stands around with the baby, Hershel says, “She needs formula and soon or she won’t survive.” Daryl appears to volunteer to make a formula run, and Maggie offers to back him up.

The Walking Dead Say The Word Rick And Glenn


2. Rick And Glenn Have A Disagreement – We hear a voice say, “You shouldn’t be in here.” Then we see Rick and Glenn get into an altercation. It looks like Glenn moves toward Rick to try to stop him from doing something, and then Rick goes wild and attacks.

The Walking Dead Say The Word The Governor And Michonne

1. Michonne And The Governor Have A Disagreement – The Governor tells Michonne, “How about this? I’ll keep a lid on your little outburst. You join the research team. You obviously have skills. You’re not afraid of biters. Merle will take care of you.” Michonne responds by pulling out her katana and putting it to The Governor’s neck.