Thor The Dark World Spoilers: Deaths, Cameos, & Controversies

Thor The Dark World Trailer LokiSpoiler Warning:

With Thor: The Dark World now entering its third day of release in the United States, we’re assuming that most of our readers that intend to see the film have done so already. This article is for those who have seen Thor: The Dark World and want to revisit and discuss the many twists and turns in the film. Be warned that extensive spoilers follow.

Before Thor: The Dark World was released there were many rumors about various characters getting killed off in the film and different surprise cameos. Some of the rumors proved to be true, and others didn’t. There was definitely an interesting mix of death and cameos in the film. Here’s a rundown of the biggest rumors and if they proved to be true or not.

Doctor Strange Cameo – With Doctor Strange in active development as part of Marvel Studios Phase 3, there were numerous rumors that Doctor Strange would be introduced in Thor: The Dark World. Some reports even claimed to have sources identifying various actors who had been cast in the role. However, all those rumors proved to be false, as there is no Doctor Strange cameo in Thor: The Dark World.

Donald Blake Cameo – When it was revealed that comedian Chris O’Dowd had a small role in Thor: The Dark World, there was much speculation that he was playing Donald Blake. However, O’Dowd actually plays just a random guy named Richard, who goes on a date with Jane Foster.

Stan Lee Cameo- One cameo that fans can always count on with Marvel Studios films is Stan Lee. As previously reported on, Stan Lee does a cameo as a patient in a mental ward, who lends his shoe to Erik Selvig.

Captain America Cameo – Thor: The Dark World does contain a surprise Avengers cameo…sort of. After Thor frees his brother Loki from his cell, Loki uses his powers of illusion to turn into various other characters, including Captain America.

The Collector Cameo – Even though Thor: The Dark World didn’t introduce Doctor Strange, it did help to set up another Marvel Studios movie. During an after the credits scene, The Collector makes his first appearance. The Collector is set to play a big role in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Frigga Death – It was widely rumored that Thor’s mother Frigga would be killed off in Thor: The Dark World, and this rumor turned out to be completely true. When Frigga refuses to give up the location of Jane Foster, Kurse stabs Frigga through the heart, killing her instantly. And in Marvel Studios films, when someone gets stabbed through the heart, they are definitely dead, unless they wind up getting a show on ABC later.

Loki Death – This rumor turned out to be sort of true. In the battle with Malekith and Kurse, Loki stabs Kurse through the chest with a sword. But Kurse turns and grabs Loki, impaling him on the sword as well. Then, Loki appears to die in Thor’s arms. However, Loki shows up again at the very end of the movie, so somehow he manages to survive. Perhaps, his death was only an illusion.

Odin Death – There were also rumors that Thor’s father would die as well, and the verdict is still out on this one. At the end of the movie, it’s revealed that Loki is masquerading as Odin. What Loki did with the real Odin is unknown. It’s possible that Loki killed Odin, but we’re betting that he merely imprisoned Odin somewhere.


Thor’s Hand Cut-off Controversy – During Comic Con, Marvel Studios shows a Thor: The Dark World trailer, which appeared to end with Loki cutting off Thor’s hand. The scene set off a huge debate in the fan community as to whether Thor might be getting some type of robotic hand. However, it turns out that the scene with Loki cutting off Thor’s hand was just an illusion to fool Malekith. Thor still had all his appendages at the end of Thor: The Dark World.

Outside of the hand cutting off scene, Thor: The Dark World was relatively controversy free. There was nothing along the lines of the Mandarin twist to divide comic book fans. If Loki had been truly killed off in the film, then it would likely have been a huge controversy. However, the fact that Loki appears at the end of the film is a clever twist, which helps build excitement for the possibility of a Thor 3.