When Will Attack On Titan Season 2 Air?

If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, then you know how painful waiting can be. The fan-favorite anime ended its first season back in 2014, leaving lovers to wonder when exactly the series would return. Not long ago, Wit Studio teased fans that Season 2 of Attack on Titan was slated for a Spring 2017 debut. Since then, dozens of rumors have been floating about the Internet of when Season 2 might air, but no official release date has been given just yet.

However, that doesn’t mean fans don’t have an idea of when they should expect Season 2 to debut.

When it comes to Japan, there network programming operates in a very particularly fashion. Instead of spring and fall premieres, Japanese television has four cycles wherein new programs are premiered. Each cycle, which is called a cour, runs for three months to follow the four seasons. For anime series, one cour usually churns out 12-13 episodes, so the first season of Attack on Titan premiered over two cours with its 20+ episodes.

For awhile now, rumors have speculated that Attack on Titan will debut in February 2017, but that release doesn’t align with Japan’s programming system. Cours traditionally begin in either January, April, July, or October. If Attack on Titan were to return in less than two months, a release date for the series would have been confirmed by now.

So, it seems most likely that April 2017 will see the return of Attack on Titan; Prepare yourselves.

This date isn’t a wholly surprising one. Fans were already told earlier this year that Season 2 of Attack on Titan would return in spring 2017. Wit Studio teased the comeback July at a Shingeki Matsuri event in Japan and even released a staff list to accompany the announcement. The new season has been in development since November 2014, but its original release slated for 2016 was pushed back to give the Attack on Titan manga room to expand its storylines.


So far, there’s no consensus on what Season 2 of Attack on Titan will focus on, but fans can look to the manga to make their guesses. Attack on Titan has proven to be a manga-centered anime, and the new season’s delay was done so to give the manga time to grow its storyline for the show. Most believe the new season will focus on Wall Rose or Maria and save Eren’s eventual meeting with his half-brother Zeke for a third season.


Either way, it seems like the beloved franchise will be making a return before next summer rolls around. Are you excited to see the survey corps return in a new season of Attack on Titan? Let us know in the comments below!

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