Why Vin Diesel Likely Isn’t Playing Thanos In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Vin Diesel Avengers 2

While there has been lots of speculation over which of Marvel’s over eight thousand characters Vin Diesel might be playing (assuming he has a role at all), a quote published by Entertainment Weekly has a lot of people thinking Thanos in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Vin Diesel Said, “Marvel was excited about bring a different kind of relationship, a different kind of love story, I guess kind of inspired from the Dom-Letty relationship, into the Marvel universe.”

Of course, this quote would lean itself toward the role of Thanos, who is in love with Death. However, there is one big problem with Vin Diesel playing Thanos, which many seem to be overlooking. On his Facebook page, Vin Diesel just posted, “Stunt driving training for Seven starts next month…”

Fast & Furious 7 is scheduled to be released on July 11, 2014, and production is kicking off this summer, fairly soon judging from Vin Diesel’s post. And Disney just announced the official start of production on Guardians Of The Galaxy today. Vin Diesel is going to be tied up with Fast & Furious 7 pretty soon, so it would be difficult to imagine him finding the time to film a key role in Guardians Of The Galaxy like Thanos.

Now, we won't rule out the possibility entirely, because maybe Thanos’ role in Guardians Of The Galaxy is smaller than most are expecting. However, from a filming schedule perspective, Avengers 2 would probably make a lot more sense. Avengers 2 won’t start production until early 2014, which will likely be after most of Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious 7 work is behind him. The Vision and the Scarlet Witch could also be described as a different kind of love story.