Will The Fantastic Four Be A Five Member Team?

Fantastic Four return

Give Marvel Comics credit for keeping fans guessing with their recent Fantastic Four teasers. The first Fantastic Four teaser image from Marvel Comics simply showed the Fantastic Four logo hovering over a background view of Earth from space. This initial image set many wondering if it was some type of clue for either Human Torch returning from the dead or for FF to return to the Fantastic Four numbering in time for issue #600.

The second teaser image released from Marvel Comics seemed to fly in the face of all the speculation, because it showed Spider-Man and no Human Torch along with the other members of the Future Foundation. The second teaser image seemed to suggest nothing was changing and that Johnny Storm was still dead, Spider-Man was still taking his place, and the FF was continuing.

Fantastic Four Teaser Two

The third teaser image got people talking again, as it showed the Human Torch back with the Fantastic Four in their original costumes. Spider-Man was not in the third teaser image, so the buzz was once again that Johnny Storm was returning.

Fanstastic Four Teaser Three

The fourth teaser image answers some questions but raises new questions. The fourth teaser image confirms that there will indeed be a return to the old numbering system and a Fantastic Four #600 released in November 2011. According to Marvel, "the ongoing series returns in a quadruple sized issue." However, the cover image shows Spider-Man, Human Torch, Thing, Invisible Woman, and Mr. Fantastic. Does this mean that the Fantastic Four is about to become a five member team?


Fantastic Four #600

Fantastic Four #600 is written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Steve Epting, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Leinil Yu, and Farel Dalrymple. The regular edition cover will be by Gabriele Dell’Otto with variant cover by Joe Quesada, John Romita Jr. & Art Adams.