Batwoman Cast Reveal How Their Characters Will Respond to a New Batwoman

Batwoman's second season began filming earlier this week, ushering in an epic new status quo for the hit The CW series. Namely, the newest batch of episodes will see an entirely new character - Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) - stepping into the series' titular role, after Ruby Rose stepped down as Kate Kane earlier this year. The arrival of Ryan is definitely expected to have repercussions throughout the world of Batwoman, which the show's ensemble cast recently teased during their DC FanDome panel.

"I'm especially excited to see this new relationship happen, in the wake of Mary dealing with this mysterious disappearance, and how she decides to sort of take it and take it hard," Nicole Kang, who plays Mary Hamilton on the series, explained. "She's been a person who, I think, is always looking for family, is always looking for community, is always looking for somebody to see her. Which is, I think, a huge source of why the clinic exists for her, there are just much deeper personal reasons for that. And I think Mary and Ryan sort of have that in common, perhaps, which is why I think Mary really looks to Ryan, in this way."

"I'm actually really excited because there was this triangle between Alice, Kate Kane, and Mary," Kang added. "And, you know, without Kate actively in that triangle. I'm really really interested to see sort of Mary, and Alison's relationship and and where that goes. Because there's a lot that has been dealt with, and Kate was a buffer of sorts, between them and so without that, anything could happen."

Meanwhile, Kate Kane's former flame (and a current leader of The Crows) Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) is going to have a unique relationship to Ryan's arrival.

"Sophie is going to have a lot on her plate, there's going to be a lot that's going to fall upon her. She's going to have a lot of things that she's going to have to process and deal with and figure out, it sounds a lot like my current life right now." Tandy explained. "But the thing with Batwoman is she's going to really, she's going to really understand the importance of why Batwoman has to stay secretive, and she's going to appreciate that."

"I think it's gonna be a very interesting year for Luke, because Luke doesn't really trust a lot. It took him so long to trust Batman's cousin," Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox on the series, explained. "So now that she's gone and we have this new person, I mean obviously he is always down for someone to keep Gotham safe. That's what he cares most about, is keeping Gotham safe. But at the end of the day, Ryan... It was already so hard to trust somebody who had the Army experience and the money and the stuff, and to suddenly give this precious Batsuit to this new person is going to be really hard for him."

"I think he is going to be down to work with her, but I think there's always going to be, especially after last season diving into all of the bad stuff," Johnson added. "And also having Kate Kane be his sort of connection to the rest of the cast, like he never would have met Mary or Sophie or Alice or any of these people without Kate Kane. So now that she's not around, having to deal with all of us with new relationships through his main trusting source, and also introduce this new person that he doesn't even know how to deal with yet is going to be a lot for him."

And what about Alice (Rachel Skarsten), the fraternal twin sister of Kate Kane who has had a vendetta against her sister's time as Batwoman?


"I think Alice is just going to be peeved," Skarsten revealed. "Here she has this beautifully intricate plan for the demise of her sister! And that will have been foiled. But she is also going to have a lot to be worried about, since we're introducing a new character Safiyah, who Alice had talked about in the last season. The introduction of Safiyah will be intriguing just because this is a sort of a backstory of Alice that we haven't had the opportunity to see before."

Batwoman will return with new episodes in 2021 on The CW.