The New Day's Big E Returns at WWE SummerSlam to Save Jon Stewart's Balls

(Photo: WWE)

At SummerSlam 2016 in Brooklyn Sunday night, The New Day got their powerhouse back, as Big E made his triumphant return to the ring. His big motivation? To save Jon Stewart's balls. Yes, seriously.

Big E ran out, earning his team a disqualification loss (but a retention of the Tag Team Championship), attacking their opponents, Gallows and Anderson. The pair were about to give Jon Stewart, who was a special guest at the match (but not technically participating) a case of Ringpostitis, which they had done to Big E weeks earlier to take him out of contention for their Tag Team Title bout. Just as they were about to rack the comedian on the corner post, the New Day's music started playing again and the behemoth Big E ran out, promptly taking both of them down, and ending the match in a disqualification for interference.

Big E had been out of commission for all of August, but teammates Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were acquitting themselves nicely without him. Until the end of the match when they were simultaneously taken out by the much larger team of Gallows and Anderson, the pair showed off why The New Day have been tag champs for a year now, since last year's SummerSlam. The feud between these teams is far from over, as the DQ victory won't sit well with the "winners" of this match, who will want a rematch as soon as possible for another chance to get those belts.

But for now, Jon Stewart's manhood is safe, and Big E is back.