WWE Raw: The Bar Crash the Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston 'Winner Take All' Match

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston threw out a massive challenge at the start of Monday Night Raw this week when he approached newly-crowned Universal Champion Seth Rollins about a "Winner Take All" match with both world titles on the line. Rollins accepted, setting up one of the biggest Raw main events in recent memory. However the match never got a decisive winner, as Cesaro and Sheamus ran in and attacked both men with 10 mintues left in the show. Rollins grabbed a microphone and challenged the two to a tag match, which The Bar accepted. Unfortunately for the wrestlers, the Barclays Center crowd wasn't happy about seeing a world championship match get tossed aside, and they started chanting "Bulls—!" as the match began.


The announcers pointed out before the tag match started that Sheamus and Cesaro didn't even belong on the show, given that they were still members of the SmackDown Live roster. So while the brand split has been noticeably loosened in the past couple of months, it still seems to be intact going into the Superstar Shake-up next week.

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